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How To Make Your Home Happier

We all want a beautiful home. We want that "zen" feeling when waking up in the morning and coming home from a long day of work. We all yearn for that feeling that we never want to leave this cozy and inviting space.

modern living room with a gray sectional couch houston
Modern Living Room Design Project by K Lilia Interior Design

But, how do you make this happen? No worries, my love. We've got you covered - we are divulging the do's of design.

First and foremost, know that a well-dressed and well-layered home takes into account scale and good proportion, as well as the harmony of all the elements of design, achieved in the balance of unity and variety.

To make a design successful and to create a happier home, you must consider the principles of design - scale and proportion, balance, rhythm, emphasis, and harmony. These principles are the driving force to a beautiful, gorgeous, and alluring space. Each element of design should be evaluated keeping in mind these principles.

1. Scale

Refers to the overall size, whether how large or small a certain room, object, or pattern repeats. If you take color, for instance, is the size or amount of the color appropriate for the design concept of the room, or is it used in too large or too small in quantity or in an area.

framed artwork hung on white wall adjacent to red wall adorned by decorative mirror over chrome glass console houston
Artsy Hallway in Modern Loft Project by K Lilia Interior Design

2. Proportion

The ratio of parts to the whole. For example, as the size of the chair in relation to the size of its arms.

3. Balance

The serenity is achieved by arranging components, symmetrically, asymmetrically, or radially. Following the color example from above, ask yourself, is the color balanced with other colors in terms of size and intensity, and is the color seen throughout the interior space looks balanced.

4. Rhythm

The flow of elements, usually organized according to a design concept such as repetition or alternation of patterns, progression or gradation, transition, opposition or contrast. In other words, when you look around the room, do your eyes glide along the entirety of the room smoothly, or does it jump abruptly from object to object.

gray sectional, gray-white wool blanket on sectional, white gold round coffee table houston
Romantic, Airy & Zen Living Room Design Project by K Lilia Interior Design

5. Emphasis

The creation of focal point(s) in the design of a room. You can have more than one, but be careful, in how you do this. I suggest making one large central focal point, and the others smaller in proportion.

6. Harmony

Compatibility of design elements to create a pleasing whole, achieved through unity and variety. Let's continue with the color example...does the use of color yield harmony through the adherence to a cohesive theme with enough subtle differences to create interest within the theme. Or, does the interior lack harmony because the colors are competing with one another.

Master-Bathroom-Black-Porcelain-Tile-Floor-Installation-Remodel-Project-Modern-Contemporary-Home-Design -Redone-by-K-Lilia-Interior-Design Houston Interior Designer
Primary Restroom Renovation Project by K Lilia Interior Design

Your home is more than just four empty walls. Your home is your sacred sanctuary...your personal refuge from the everyday crazies of life. It should reflect you. It should reflect your personal, unique style. It is meant to be enjoyed and it is the place where you begin living your best life. The design of your home is worth the investment. It is priceless.

We can help if you are ready to move forward with a full-service design project, or with a consultation for a DIY project.

Until next time...

Mil gracias, un abrazo fuerte y muchas bendiciones,


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