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Thank you kindly for considering us to make your home beautiful, cozy and inviting!


We want to make sure that we understand exactly what your design and style needs are for your home. Your answers will help us narrow down the multiple selections available, and give us a concrete direction as we get to learn more about you and your familial needs. Please allow yourself at least 30 minutes to complete this very important questionnaire.


Complete the form in its entirety, in order for us, to get a sense of you, your style and your particular project needs. We are excited to come along your journey of creating your gorgeous, comfortable and luxurious home design.

Thank you, much appreciation for your consideration in K Lilia Interior Design.  You could have chosen another design professional, but you chose us, and we do not take that for granted. We greatly appreciate this opportunity.

Have a beautifully blessed & amazingly awesome day! 


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What type of property is this?
What is the square footage of the property overall?
Number of bedrooms?
Number of Full-Baths?
Number of Half-Baths?
Which design service are you interested in? Check ALL that apply to your project.
Where can we be of service to you? Check ALL that apply to your project.
Which specific enhancements are you considering? Check ALL that apply to your project.
Do you need an architect?
If No, are you currently working with an architect or building designer?

Do you need any trade professionals such as a contractor, electrician, plumber, etc...? Select ALL needs that apply to your project?

What is your total budget for all items in the spaces selected above?
What is the current status of the project?
When do you need to start the project?
Do you have a deadline for completion?
What is your “ideal” timeline for your project?
Have you previously worked with an interior designer?
Are you interviewing any other designers?
If you have one, please include a link to your inspiration Pinterest/Houzz/Web Image board that best reflects your style.

If you have any inspirational photos you would like for us to review, please attach them.

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Gender identity?
Spouse's or partner's gender identity?
How may we address you?
How may we address your spouse or partner?
What is your age group?
Do you entertain or plan to entertain a lot?
My (our) entertaining style is....
I (we) entertain....
Average number of guests?
Average age of guests?
What is the entertaining type?
What cooking facilities are required?
Does more than one person cook at a time?
Where do you eat your meals?
Do you have professionals clean your home?
Do the household members share common time around the home together?
Do you have any collections?
Hobbies: Check ALL that apply.

What are you audio/video & technical needs?

Are you looking to create a children’s play area?
Does any household member work from home?
Do you need additional lighting or replace existing lighting?

If yes, please select rooms

Any storage needs? Check ALL that apply.

What “feeling” are you seeking to achieve? Choose as many as you would like.

Select from the following to describe your preference in fabric: Check ALL that apply.
What, if any, color schemes do you have in mind?

Preferences of color:? Choose as many as you would like.

Are there types of flooring you prefer? (Please check all that apply)
Are there types of window treatment you prefer? (Please check all that apply)
Do you need sun control or privacy with your window treatments?

What design style are you seeking to achieve? Select ALL that apply.

Which type of artwork do you want incorporated in your design? Select ALL that apply.
Do you have a preference for sourcing art? Please check ALL that apply.
Do you plan to do your own purchasing of items?
Do you desire a turn-key approach? (where the interior designer handles everything from the concept to selections to purchasing and finally, installation)
How involved do you wish to be in this project?
Which statement best describes how involved you would like to be in managing your project?
Will your spouse or other decision maker be actively involved in the project?

Please upload any additional documents for your project (floor plans, 3D drawings, photos, etc.)

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