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To properly kick-start your design project, most of our design services require an initial in-home consultation.  This initial in-home consultation is a 2-hour intensive pow-wow session where we assess your individual needs and objectives; and in turn, you receive a custom, concrete direction for the design of the interior spaces of your home. We provide you with initial ideas, concepts and practical advice on how you should you style your home to improve the look and feel of your home.

This consultation is crucial for our design team to begin to know you intimately and understand your personal desires for each of your rooms, and your unique way of interacting and moving within those specific rooms.

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Even if you are not ready to take on a full-service design project at this moment; let’s say, you just purchased a new home and are in need of some type of direction or advise to go about decorating your home and making it feel cozy, inviting  and yours; or you find yourself caught up in a design conundrum and are needing tips/ideas/direction in solving your design issues from a professional interior designer; or you just got married and you and in dire help in marrying your style with your husband’s interesting style and you could use some advice and “design mediation”;... you can invest in this in-home design consultation service to address your specific needs.

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We begin with a tour of your entire home and discuss the needs and goals for each room. You can expect recommendations for improving each room as we conduct our walk through. During the tour, we will focus on the areas of your home that you want to address first (the priority areas).

Discuss briefly your personal lifestyle – how you choose to live your life and express yourself daily; we want to know you, places you vacay, your family, your pets, your fashion, your choices for your cars, your treasured items, etc. From this, we make recommendations as to your design style and the development of a singular, cohesive voice to tell the story of your home.

  • Guidance for furniture layout and typical space planning options

  • Recommendations for new furniture, art, accessories & other décor furnishings

  • Suggestions on how to infuse any existing furniture pieces with new pieces (if applicable)

  • Conceptualize on how to weave patterns and colors

  • Styling and accessorizing propositions

  • Custom window treatments plan (i.e. draperies, shutters, roller shades, etc.)

  • Light fixtures recommendations; along with suggestions for designing a quality lighting environment for your home

  • Paint color(s) proposal

  • Consultation in determining a preliminary budget

  • Advise on project timeline

  • Review our bespoke design process

  • Describe in detail how we work and what you can expect from our collaboration in the design of your home

  • Address any questions, concerns and design dilemmas that you may have



When you are talking design and having so much fun, believe it or not 2 hours goes by really fast! It is a very concise time frame to cover the various design subjects detailed above.  Every in-home consult is distinctive. Therefore, please be advised that during your individual initial in-home consultation appointment, all or a variation of the design subjects appearing above will be covered.



Additionally, please be advised that your initial in-home consultation is a verbal meeting. All recommendations happen on-site. There are lots of information that is prescribed during this meeting, so we propose that you take notes as we tour your rooms.   This consultation appointment does NOT include any physical design work such as re-arranging of furniture or styling, research, design concept development and sourcing of furniture, materials selection, etc.


Your investment for the initial in-home consultation fee is $257 for up to 2 hours and is payable in advance of your appointment. A trip fee of $60 may be included for projects that are 21 miles or more outside of Houston, TX 77014.

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You can purchase this service online and book your initial meeting through our online booking system by clicking here. The payment of $257 is required upon booking online. When you use our online booking system to purchase this service, you will also schedule your initial meeting, simultaneously.

A full payment of your investment for your initial in-home consultation appointment is required before we conduct the meeting.

Your financial investment for your initial in-home consultation appointment is non-refundable and final sale.


Please double-check that this service is exactly what you need, and you have reviewed over all product details before purchasing.

Once we receive your full payment for your initial in-home consultation appointment, we will gladly adhere to the scheduled appointment. If you are unable to make your appointment, we are happy to reschedule anytime if you have notified us within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment.

Don’t waste another minute. To book your in-home consultation online today -like RIGHT NOW, and get your project started, click here or click the button right below.

Cancellation Policy

Design service fees, consultation fees and any initial payment design service fees (interchangeably called booking fees) are non-refundable. If you are unable to make your appointment(s), we are happy to reschedule anytime if you have notified us within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment(s).

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