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K Lilia Interior Design is a boutique full service interior design firm servicing residences and businesses in the metropolitan area of Houston, Texas and its surrounding areas. Founder and Principal Interior Designer, Keesha Allen, is well versed in custom furnishing of interiors throughout Texas, Los Angeles, New York, Mexico, and United Arab Emirates.  

With a knack for bold, eccentric and luxurious interiors, we at K Lilia Interior Design transform ordinary spaces into high-end, swanky, yet refined design schemes for our discerning clients. We possess a proven concrete relationship with masterful contractors, builders and merchants. This allows us to fashion innovative designs comprising of custom furniture, intricate artwork and sumptuous textiles.   

The heart and soul of our design firm is to infuse the client's personal treasure into their project to create a unique narrative for their home. For each individual design project, we instrumentally approach it with meticulous attention to detail, organization and solutions exploration -- ultimately composing a thorough design.  Our highly demonstrated comprehensive expertise in the design process allows us to satisfactorily provide the following design services: origination of design concept, creation of inspiration board(s), design development, production of  architectural floor plans, furniture & material selection and ordering, and lastly, white glove installation--the final step in the execution of the design. Here, at K Lilia Interior Design, we go above and beyond to definitively make certain that every miniscule detail is well thought-out; that your home is fully developed in its furnishing with not only the core pieces, but also the styling and accessorizing; and that nothing is left undone. We are not finished with your project, even with all the ups and downs that a project can bring on, until we have achieved your ultimate satisfaction. Lean on us as we bend backwards, jump hoops, brainstorming divine solutions, thinking outside the box, all to make sure you love and enjoy  the design of your home for years to come.

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