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Serene Bedroom Design: The Secret To A Great Night's Sleep

Your bedroom is the ultimate sleep sanctuary. It is your go-to spot for relaxation, recharge, and rejuvenation for the next day. Therefore, for the design of your bedroom, every decor and furniture item should be carefully selected to birth the feelings of enjoyment, peace and restful sleep; from the scent in the air, to supremely soft sheets, to plush seating corner. Most importantly, you should commit this room to be the clutter free zone of your home. Here, in this blog are 5 key components, from comfortable bedding to smart nightstand design, to assist you in transforming your bedroom into the utmost sleep haven.

Beige tufted king bed dressed in navy blue and cool blue sheets, and a gray throw blanket. Also, a velvet gray chair-and-a-half with accent pillows sits to the right of the bed. On each side of the bed, exists mocha wood nightstand, adorned by silver table lamps with cotton white lampshades.
Master Bedroom Home Staging Design by K Lilia Interior Design

1. Go For The Right Sheets

In selecting the right sheets for your body to lay on at night, always choose natural fabrics. Avoid using synthetic materials like rayon or polyester. Natural fabrics, like the ones listed below, allow your skin to breathe, and are not harmful to your skin.

  • Linen is cool in the summer, and can last forever if well cared for. The quality of linen sheets can range from a bit scratchy to quite soft. Test the sheets in person before purchasing.

  • Cotton percale sheets give the look and feel of "crisp". The makeup of this material is smooth, yet sturdy. Most notably, this pairs well with your body for a good night sleep during the warm weather months.

  • My personal favorite is cotton sateen because it is topnotch smooth. The texture is utterly silky. However, in hot climate, cotton sateen may not be the best choice for peaceful sleep.

Master bedroom suite with tall, white upholstered bed, gray and white bedding, high-gloss white nightstand, round lampshade with nickel steel base table lamp, and accessorized with small glass globe. This bedroom has dark wood flooring and red accent wall.
Gentlemen's Electrifying Master Bedroom Suite

2. Buy A Nightstand With Closed Storage

A nightstand that is designed with drawers or cabinets can help you keep visual clutter to a minimum. Use this storage to conceal books, bedtime journal, treasured trinkets, pens, and hand lotion. Keep the top of your nightstand stupid simple. Maybe, vase of fresh flowers, table lamp, and remote controls that you can easily access such as to put on relaxing playlist on your surround-sound system each night as you are falling asleep.

A velvet pink bench sitting in front of window, adorned by light pink cashmere throw blanket. Besides the pink bench, there is a brushed gold with glass top end table. Directly in front of bench, is the queen bed outfitted by gray cotton sateen sheets and duvet cover.
Pretty-In-Pink, Romantic Master Bedroom Design

3. Don't Skip The Comfort

If space permits in your room, add a bench, chair, or loveseat to create a sitting corner used to wine down from a long, hard work day. Adorn your seating with a cozy cashmere throw, and a minimalistic designed end-table, preferably one with a glass top. Before retiring to sleep, use this area to do some light, fun reading while drinking your fave cup of herbal tea.

Also, don't forget to include an area rug in your bedroom design. Adding carpet under your bed makes you feel plush and secure, as you step out on first thing in the morning. The area rug, additionally, muffles sounds for a more restful sleep.

4. Usher In The Green

The key to enjoying your slumber peacefully, night after night, is sleeping in a cleaner, healthier bedroom. One way to accomplish a natural and pristine air quality in your bedroom is by placing a houseplant or two in a corner. Rubber plants are essentially great at eliminating pollutants in the air. Not only does the plant enhance the overall appearance of the room, it reduces stress and boosts your mood. A healthier room makes a happier you. A happier you leads to a more fulfilled life.

Gray, blue, white damask bedding, yellow throw, Chinese herbal tea, porcelain ivory tealight tea set on a glass top with brown iron base. Various colorful throws on the bed add to the comfort and luxurious feel of this bedroom.
Eclectic, Cultured Master Bedroom Design

5. Incorporate A Soothing Bedtime Ritual

Calming your mind from a hectic day, and getting yourself properly prepared for the next day is necessary for you not to feel overwhelmed by life's demands. To enter this harmonious state of mind, try incorporating a soothing bedtime ritual for the best night sleep, always. Use any of these tips listed below.

  • Immerse yourself in a bath with relaxing essential oil such as lavender, eucalyptus, or bergamot.

  • Brew a cup of your beloved herbal tea. Chamomile with honey is an all-time favorite. But, there are various sleepy time herbal teas available for your delicious, tranquil consumption.

  • Read an inspiring, uplifting or even sensual book. Stir your creative juices and joyful emotions right before going to bed. Light an aromatic incense as you doing your reading and sipping.

  • Gradually change the ambience of your room over the last hour before bedtime, by first, turning off your main overhead lights, just use a reading light on a wall or nightstand, and then ending with a candle. Just make sure to blow out your candle before actually falling asleep.

  • Lastly, which is my personal favorite activity, is listen to calming music or a Bible story as you lay on your comfortable soft sheets and are shutting down your mind and eyes for the night. This will aid you in falling asleep quickly and stay asleep until morning.

Putting things together to create a cohesive, effective and practical design for your room can be a daunting task. But, it does not have to have us. If you are struggling in decorating that dreamy, restful bedroom, please reach out to us to schedule a free discovery consult.

Empowering you to smash your home design goals.

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