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Virtual Design


A home is more than an antique java leather sofa with deep cushions, or white purple marble coffee table, or Brazilian teak flooring, or textured ceiling with crisscross beams, or stone fireplace surround or the flat-mounted television entertaining the sofa. Home is the feeling of stability, order, comfort, safety, coziness, belonging and of course, stunning beauty.  Everyone wants that feeling for their life. Everyone deserves that feeling. To achieve this very feeling in a cost-effective, budget-friendly manner, we, at K Lilia Interior Design are offering you our eDesign service.

Our eDesign service is a skillful, distinguished approach to work together with a professional Interior Designer such as K Lilia Interior Design. HGTV, Pinterest and Instagram have unleashed a world of decorating phenomenon, ideas and inspiration. The collaborative and synergistic feature of eDesign service by us provides you with the design tools, confidence and solutions that you might not have had on your own.


An eDesign service by K Lilia Interior Design is designed to benefit you with an affordable, all-inclusive and well-styled design plan. You can, then, take this design plan and implement it on your individualized timeline and at your own pace. Your eDesign can be as big or as little as you need and desire. As little as simple virtual color consult for one room. Or, as considerable as having paint selection, existing furniture rearrangement, ordering of new furniture pieces, creation of custom pillows, and the formation of custom window treatments…for a series of rooms or an entire home.


So, if you are a spirited DIY-lifer, channeling your inner interior design star, budget-conscious, have a small project, entertaining a design conundrum that is keeping you up at night, even undergoing a gigantic home project that needs to be tackled in stages, or just in need of inspiration and direction...our eDesign service is ideal for you.  All in all, if you value quality of design and the impact it has on your life and the lives of your loved ones, the eDesign service by K Lilia Interior Design is a quick, easy and cost-effective option for your to receive a gorgeous, well-designed interior that changes the way you function in your home.

We offer a per room flat fee structure for this service. For your investment in this service, in turn, you receive a solid, easy-to-follow design plan that my include, furniture selections, space plan, color scheme, detailed “how to” guide, elevations, shopping list for furnishings, accessories, lighting, and more all depending on the package you purchase.  As our client, you are responsible for providing all measurements and images of your room(s) or whole home in order for us to complete this service.

Bella Blue Living Room Furniture Board Virtual Interior Design By K Lilia Interior Design


  • One (1) design concept board, one (1) sample board, space plan of your room [drawn to scale], furniture plan [drawn to scale], furniture selections, selections to include medium-to-large styling items such as artwork and pillows, a coordinated, clickable shopping list that includes current pricing of items, and a detailed “how to” guide to execute and actualize the design in your space

  • Optional deliverables for this service include beautiful 3D renderings, custom window treatments design and custom pillows and bedding design. At our initial conversation, please be so kind to advise us if you are interested in purchasing any of these optional items

  • The goods and products catalogued in your shopping list are available through online and local retailers. Please be advised that our custom and trade-only products are currently available only through our full-service design

  • We will update you weekly, at least once per week, until final design is delivered to you. Included within the weekly update, we will be more than glad to address and respond to your questions and concerns that you may have emailed to us previously to receiving your weekly progress report

  • One (1) revision is included with your purchase of your eDesign service. This revision must be requested within 14 calendar days of receiving your final deliverables [final design]. Any additional revisions will be charged at a design hourly fee of $197 per hour

  • Customer service on your eDesign project will be superbly and happily provided to you up to 14 calendar days after you receive your final deliverables

  • Most communications for this service are conducted virtually, via email and/or Zoom/Skype/Phone

  • The deliverables for this service are administered via your private, password-protected client page on our website. This page will include all drawings, documents, contract agreement and any other pertinent archives associated with your particular design project.  This page remains active for a limited time; therefore, you should save all files to your computer during the tenure of your project or within 30-days after the closure of your project




  • A copy of your actual floor plan. Or, if plan not available, give us your room’s details such as measurements to include the walls, windows, doors, electrical outlets, plumbing locations, ceiling height, etc. We do provide you with a detailed lesson in measuring and photographing your room via phone or video call

  • Details and/or photos of exterior architectural elements, existing or desired material selections, any appliances and lighting, etc. For example, if you have any design items such as dark wood flooring, stainless steel appliances, four (4) kitchen pendants, baseboards/molding, gray colored walls, etc., please be so kind to provide us with those details to allow us to fully customize your eDesign project

  • Provide links and/or details for any existing furnishings and accessories, recently purchased furniture, or that you plan to purchase

  • Any photos and/or video of your room(s). For this service, we do not conduct actual site visits or face-to-face meetings.   If you are in the Houston metropolitan area and feel more comfortable for us to take measurements, photos and videos of your space(s) for you, we will gladly provide you with on-site measurement service for an additional fee of $357 (max 2 hours).  If we are on-site at your home beyond 2 hours, an additional fee of $197 per hour will be charged to you. Detailed pricing information for this service appears towards the bottom of this page…just keep scrolling

  • Any photos and/or video of your space(s). If you are in the Houston metropolitan area and feel more comfortable for us to take measurements, photos and videos of your space(s) for you, we will gladly provide you with on-site measurement service for an additional fee of $357 (max 2 hours).  If we are on-site at your home beyond 2 hours, an additional fee of $197 per hour will be charged to you

  • Any existing or inspirational visuals of your personal style…anything that provokes strong emotions within you; it can be what you like to wear, your hobbies, any fashion designers you follow, your favorite color or literally anything.  You can also show us what you have seen in magazines, Pinterest, Instagram or any other social sites that capture the look and feel that you are going for in the room

  • Your estimate or ballpark figure of the budget for the total furnishing and styling of the room

Living Room - Concrete blocks view-Big .


  • Our eDesign service starts at $2997 per room. The total amount of investment is determined by the entirety of the project scope. The project scope is discussed at our initial virtual conversation

  • An optional 3D Rendering add-on service starts at $897 per one (1) view. Click here to learn more about our 3D rendering service

  • One (1) elevation drawing is available as an add-on service at $217 per drawing. If you opt to add an elevation drawing to your eDesign project, please be so kind to advise of such request during our initial virtual meeting



We need to first speak with you, have an initial meeting virtually either by phone or video, to acquire the detailed information about the specific needs and objectives for your eDesign project.

You can purchase this service online and book your initial meeting through our online booking system by clicking here. The payment of $2997 is due upon booking online. When you use our online booking system to purchase this service, you will also schedule your initial meeting, simultaneously.

A full payment of your investment for your eDesign service is required before any design work begins on your project. If after our initial meeting, it is determined that the total scope of your eDesign project will require a higher design fee than the initial payment of $2997, an invoice will be submitted to you to pay the remaining balance. This invoice must be paid-in-full before we continue any further design work on your project.

This is a customized design service. Your financial investment for eDesign services are non-refundable and final sale. Please double-check that this service is exactly what you need, and you have reviewed over all product details.


Once we receive your full payment for your project, we will gladly commence the design process on the creation of your customized eDesign project.

Within 3-5 business days, we will email you our eDesign Terms and Conditions, Contract Agreement, Styling Questionnaire and detailed instructions. The completion of the Styling questionnaire is required and very essential in the success of your eDesign project, as it will give us the necessary insight into you, your unique tastes and desires and your personal style. Also, in this questionnaire, you will upload your inspirational images and/or personal style visuals. The completion of the questionnaire, along with the measurements and photos of your room, will give us all we need to get started on your eDesign.

To get your eDesign project started and book online today -like RIGHT NOW, please click here or click the button right below

Cancellation Policy

Design service fees, consultation fees and any initial payment design service fees (interchangeably called booking fees) are non-refundable. If you are unable to make your appointment(s), we are happy to reschedule anytime if you have notified us within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment(s).

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