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Modern_ Living_ Room Home Design

In a full-service design, we literally take all of your ideas, thoughts, inspirations, #homegoals for your house and actualize them into the home of your dreams… 


Your dream home is your very own place of escape from a long hard day at work and fighting through this gosh awful Houston traffic. We design and unleash your personal sanctuary. Our fundamental goal is to create a nurturing environment for you and your loved ones to feel calm, peaceful and serene. Not only are we invested in giving you those “wow” moments for each day, but we are equally invested in filling you and your loved ones with a lifetime of phenomenal memories. Hiring K Lilia Interior Design for your full-service design project allows us to handle all the necessary details and fast-track you to your #1 comfy, luxurious destination for Netflix and chill nights, friends staycation, book club meetings, spirited game nights, cooking with the family, Sunday night football, Bible studies, birthday parties and lively family get-together; without having to deal with all of the headaches, stress, mishaps and time away from work and fun-family outings that comes along the way when you are designing and furnishing your space.  

Modern and Contemporary Living Room_Gray

From conception to final installation, K Lilia Interior Design collaborates with you and provides you with a thorough all-inclusive full-service interior design services to create for you a well-dressed home that best addresses your individual and familial needs and your unique style of living. Whatsoever your project is; whether it  is a newly purchased home in need of furnishing; new-home build requiring space planning and furnishing; a kitchen or bathroom in need of renovation or remodeling;  or just your current home craving new fashion and facelift---K Lilia Interior Design  possesses the vision, expertise and professionalism to deliver you unparalleled interior design solutions for the creation of your dream home…all within your budget.


We take care of every aspect of the design process; from coming up with the concept (the one singular voice and story for your home)…the grand master plan; researching and ordering the right furniture pieces along with the right accessories to really give your home the “wow” factor; identifying, planning and placing  where everything goes; even the non-fun stuff such as dealing with all the contractors during renovation and construction; and the oh-oh not so pleasant, bound to happen events such as  “missing pieces on furniture, broken furniture, returns of furniture, finding replacement furniture, calling the vendors, setting up delivery and tracking status of all furniture and decorative items, missed deliveries, and so and so on”; and finally, to your turnkey installation of every single furniture and decorative item. You don’t have to do anything other than make a couple of decisions upfront. And from your decisions, we take over and get everything done for you. At the end of this process, you get to stroll into a beautifully, soothing, pleasurable, comfy well-dressed home that reflects your personal style and tastes.

Hallway Living Room Family Area Modern C

We make things super convenient for you by bringing you the products. You don’t have to run around town to every furniture store and endure sales pitch after sales pitch just to purchase furniture. We are your very own personal retailer. How about that! You purchase the products through us. We partner with a multitude of vendors that are time-tested. We are not beholden to any particular brand, store or merchant. We envision how things need to look and turn every stone just to find exactly what we are searching for. We don’t stop, won’t stop until we design and/or find the right piece!

We work directly with vendors that exclusively deal and sell to interior designers to custom design and actualize your custom products into reality. There’s no way you are getting what everyone else has. These products are handcrafted for you, your body type and your distinctive must-haves.


The full-service design process by K Lilia Interior Design is a trustworthy, mutually beneficial collaboration between you and us. We are your die-hard design professional partner; and as such, we gain an intimate knowledge and perspective of you, your passions, your likes and dislikes, your lifestyle, your needs, your familial needs all to hone in on your unique visions for the design of your home. We take care of all the details to identify and make certain each product and material we recommend for purchase is the perfect solution for you and your loved ones.


Let’s face it. You are seriously strapped for time. When it comes to creating your dream home and bringing your visions into reality, making everything look cohesive, having that warm, cozy and inviting space where everything in in perfect, divine harmony, not to mention functional, you just don’t have the time. Your life is insanely busy…but you crave to behold and live in your dream home…you just know it will make your life a whole lot better to have a beautifully, well-dressed home. Your time is your biggest resource and super valuable. You just don’t have the time to get this done without professional assistance.


To accomplish your full-service design project, K Lilia Interior Design administers a bespoke design process, entailing 14 individual phases designed to take you from conception to final installation methodologically and efficiently. To learn more and gain an in-depth understanding of our design process, please click here.

Let us do this for you! Let us work together alongside you to get you to that dream home much quicker, much easier and with less headaches and stress. Keep scrolling to discover the suit of interior design services we provide for you.

Interior Design Services:


  • Site evaluation and concept development

  • Color Consultation

  • Design Materials Sourcing and Procurement: Textiles, Lighting, Furnishings & Light Fixtures

  • Custom Upholstery

  • Home Organization

  • E-Design

  • Space Planning (Room Layouts and Floor Plans)

  • 3D Renderings

  • Custom Window Treatments [includes walls and ceilings, as well]

  • Materials Selection to include installation of materials such as flooring, bath and kitchen fixtures, paneling and tile, etc.

  • Construction/Project Management

  • Partner with architects and contractors during construction and renovation

  • Fine Art/Photography Procurement and Installation

  • Custom Closets, Cabinetry and Other Built-Ins Space Planning

  • Furniture Arrangement

  • Green/Sustainable Design

  • Accessories Styling

  • Kitchen & Bath Design

  • Interior Design Services for Commercial Spaces


Your investment for a full-service design project by K Lilia Interior Design is the hourly design fee of $157 per hour.


If you are ready to get started on your full-service design project, the first step is to schedule an initial in-home consultation. This initial in-home consultation is a 2-hour intensive pow-wow session where we assess your unique needs and objectives and you receive custom, personalized concrete direction for the design of the interior spaces of your home.  Your investment for the initial in-home consultation fee is $257 for up to 2 hours and is payable in advance of your appointment. A trip fee of $60 may be included for projects that are 21 miles or more outside of Houston, TX 77014. You can book this appointment online today from the convenience of your electronic device just by clicking here or by clicking the BOOK YOUR IN-HOME CONSULTATION button appearing below.  To learn further about all what to expect and what is involved in the initial in-home design consultation, click here.

The design of your dream home is the journey to a happier home and a happier life. The best for you is yet to come! Are you ready to embark on this exciting journey? If so, click the button below to book your initial in-home consult, and begin your journey today. Don’t waste another minute. You wouldn’t regret it.  


Connect Today! We welcome the opportunity to answer any of your burning questions or clear up any information that you have read. Please click here to get in touch with us!

Cancellation Policy

Design service fees, consultation fees and any initial payment design service fees (interchangeably called booking fees) are non-refundable. If you are unable to make your appointment(s), we are happy to reschedule anytime if you have notified us within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment(s).

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