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Our 5 Favorite Interior Design Trends for 2023

Design trends are the perfect way to get a completely well-layered, polished, and fashionable look for your home. Rather than copying and pasting trends, use them as inspiration. See what works best for you. Don't compromise your style. Study the trends and learn to strike a balance between unique and bold, yet subtle and discreet.

Additionally, be cautious about going after every design trend that you see. You might find your home looking outdated within a short period.

Natural Wood

Incorporating natural wood, such as pine or oak, gives your home a timeless look with a touch of resilience. Wood adds warmth and coziness to your sanctuary. Wood tones are regal and there are many ways that you can add wood to your home design. For example, you can showcase it on walls through picture framing, install hardwood floors, and use wood furniture.


Texture gives your home movement, personality, and unique style. The easiest way to bring in textures is to mix textiles in with rugs, window treatments, accent pillows, books, blankets, and bedding. A home design lacking texture can feel cold, uninviting, bare, and incomplete.

Spruce up your walls by installing embossed, woven, bold, and graphic wallpaper. Alternatively, consider using textured wall panels or plaster applied by a professional installer.


Consumers in 2023 have higher expectations. Their moral behavior is becoming so important that it is beginning to influence purchasing decisions heavily. They want to know where things come from and how they are being made. Sustainability has become a top priority.

Whether designing a green office or home, re-evaluate your choices when purchasing furniture. Look for products made from rapidly renewable sources such as cork, bamboo, and hemp. Ditch inexpensive and cheaply made furniture in favor of more quality products that stand the test of time.

Performance Fabrics

Busy lifestyles call for fabrics that hold up to life's messes. There is a multitude of options available that replicate the look of natural fabrics, such as linen and velvet, but are also, stain-resistant, water-resistant, oil-resistant, and fade-resistant. Go into 2023 without sacrificing function for aesthetics.

Stylish Lighting

Lighting makes or breaks a great home design. Mood, ambient, task lighting, and the combination of them all are all important to incorporate into your home project. Make your lighting choices artful and thought-provoking to give your home spirit, passion, excitement, and luxury.

Infusing Your Personality into Your Home

To make your home feel special and meaningful, infusing your personality into the design is essential. You can accomplish this by adding heirloom items, vintage finds, personal collections, custom artwork, vivid colors, and nostalgic treasures. Don't feel forced to follow trends. Do you, honey! And if you are having difficulty turning your vision into reality, call us to help you.

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