Master Bedroom Interior Design





Is one thing to run around town, for weeks on end, going to various furniture stores and tirelessly finally selecting a sofa, chairs, coffee table, bedroom furniture set, etc., have them all delivered to your house and hope that it all flows together when situated; that it somehow looks finished, and in turn, feel homey.  It is entirely different endeavor to design a gorgeous, comfy plush home for your personal and familial enjoyment for years to come. This endeavor is only accomplished through the knowledge and expertise services of an interior designer.

At K Lilia Interior Design, we strive to use our talents, creativity and expertise to make a positive contribution to our clients’ lives by designing the home of their dreams; the home that looks good, feels great, fulfills all needs and desires and eminently functional. Through the implementation of our systems, procedures and proven strategies we highly-satisfactorily metamorphose the home of your ultimate dreams without you having to lift a finger. We are consistently hard at work to save you money plus the hassle and trouble.  We perform our work with impeccable ethics, meticulous integrity and relentless professionalism to deliver what we say we will, when we say we will, and how we say we will, for the price promised…delivering consistently gratifying results for our clients.

Our goal is simple... to make the design-build process an enjoyable and supportive one for our clients. We focus on the joy of creating your home the most sacred space and a delectable environment;` in which, will cause you to fall-in-love upon first sight, and treasure your home for years to come. We conduct ourselves with openness and sincere candidness to encourage our clients to engage us in honest communications and together collaboratively foster this strong bond of trust and credibility. We work for YOU. We work with YOU. Our #1 goal is to make YOU happy.

Moreover, we endeavor to provide our clients with a high-level of excellence and continued improvement. We learn from our past mistakes, and use them as teachable moments for growth experiences.  Experience has taught us that knowledge of standard systems and processes contribute to our clients feeling at-ease and confident for the life span of their home design project. 


When you hire K Lilia Interior Design, you can rest assure that we administer a thorough design process that encompasses 14 distinct phases of strategical methods and procedures; in which, we implement to take your project from concept to reality.  





We meet with you in your home for a 2-hours intensive pow-wow session. We walk through your home, room-by-room, and we take notes along the way. We define your design style, talk about your goals for each space of your home, what you like or don’t like about a particular room…and what are your plans for the use of that room, and hash-out different design elements that will make the structure and bland walls feel like “home.” During our time together, we provide you with actionable recommendations for paint colors, window treatments, lighting, new furniture purchase, furniture layout, accessories styling and how to implement any existing pieces you desire to keep as part of your new home design. During the consult, we present the BEST DESIGN ideas possible based on the physical particulars of your home, our assessment of your needs and family necessities, personal values and lifestyle desire. For instance, you say, “I really don’t need a dining table,” and we will brainstorm and come up with the following, “ let’s do a game table, in lieu of, and place it in the designated dining area.”   Additionally, we will educate you on furniture choices, preliminary budget and the design process. We provide you with practical advice on what you should have and what you should really spend on your home. We will discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly –everything that happens behind the scenes that goes into making a gorgeous, cozy and functional home. It is important to understand, that without us, your home design project will not progress as smoothly, and we at K Lilia Interior Design are willing and do bend over backwards to get things done. We are willing to do whatever it takes to get you the results that we promise. Towards the end of the consultation appointment, we briefly review the Fee Proposal document. This document outlines the estimated design hours and estimated timeline that will be involved in bringing your project from “before” to the “beautiful after.” In conclusion, the result of the consultation, you will receive a solid foundation as to what furniture is needed, how to lay it all out, and what unique touches will give your home that bona fide reflection of your individual tastes and way of living.




After your in-home consultation, we go back to our office, compile all the vast information we obtained during the consult, and develop the Fee Proposal. This proposal spells out, in detail, the comprehensive scope of work for the whole project, our intended design direction and objectives for your home project, estimated timeline, estimated number of design hours the project will take, the estimated design fee to complete the work within those hours, and our terms and conditions. It is important to understand that the design hours and design fee are estimated, and it is the minimum that we project will be involved in bringing the project from beginning to end. The estimated amount of design hours and design fees is partially derived based on historical facts from our previous projects that are similar to the specifics of your project.   It is important to understand that these are estimates only; every project is distinct when it comes to the actual work performed and encompasses certain factors that could not be foreseen ahead of time, so the actual design hours and design fees could be higher than the estimated amount for the hours and fees.  In the Fee Proposal, we break down the design hours and let you know exactly how those hours are being applied for your project.  Within 3-5 business days from the date of your in-home consultation, the Fee Proposal is emailed to you for your review and to attain your electronic signature. Upon the receipt of your signature, we schedule a meeting to discuss in person the various line items of the Fee Proposal and answer any questions you might have. At that conclusion of that meeting, we collect a fee advance payment of 50% of the estimated design fees. Your signature on this document and fee advance payment is your binding agreement and authorization to engage work from K Lilia Interior Design; and therefore, serves as the commencement of your project. The Fee Proposal is not the Design Plan or Design Presentation






Usually 1-2 weeks from the date of the signed Fee Proposal and receipt of design fee advance payment, we conduct your first site visit to take measurements and photographs of your home. Also, on this day, we schedule all trade professionals required for your project to come on-site and consult on the project’s scope of work, resolve any challenges and brainstorm additional creative solutions. Each trade professional will also take their own measurements and photographs for purpose to prepare their respective estimate of the labor, including costs of materials, that is required to complete the scope of work. After this day, in the following subsequent weeks, we gather all estimates from the trades in order to present them to you at the Design Presentation Meeting. This “Home Interior Survey Day” allows us to successfully resolve your wish list and kickstart your project in a logical, efficient and organized manner. 







Research, Concept Development, Execution of Floor Plans & Elevations, Sourcing Fabric and Furnishings. During this phase, we begin planning and developing a concept for your home.  We are converting your raw ideas and dreams into a concrete plan of action. We take all of our notes from “Home Interior Survey Day” to begin preparing your floor plans, color schemes, elevations and drawings. All furnishings are selected, e.g. upholstered pieces and case goods. All fabrics are selected, e.g. drapery fabrics, upholstery fabrics, decorative toss pillow fabrics, etc.  If applicable, all building finishes are selected and committed to plans and elevations, e.g. stones for fireplace, tiles for floors and walls, decorative treatment for ceilings, etc. All appliances and fixtures are selected, e.g. faucets, toilets, kitchen appliances, light fixtures, etc. All estimates and quotes from trades are supplied to us for all work required, e.g. quotes from painters, plumbers, carpenter, etc. Principally, we source, select and price 100% of the items required to complete your project the initial design budget with accuracy is formulated. For us to thoroughly complete this phase of the design process and satisfy your every wish, we usually need about 4-8 weeks from “Home Interior Survey Day”, depending on the size of your project.





Successful Design Presentation of Furnishings/Materials/Finishes, Contractor Estimates and Design Budget.  Here you are going to be super excited about all of the jaw-dropping ideas that you finally get to see, touch, and mentally visualize how each item will look and feel in your home. You are going to fall-in-love. We meet with you [and your spouse, if applicable] at your home to review in-detail all various elements of the hand-crafted bespoke design plan for your home that for weeks, sometimes months, we have developed and fine-tuned during Phase 4 of the design process. We show you all drawings, 3D renderings, samples such as stones, tiles, carpet, hardware, all fabrics, all images of each furnishing item for consideration, and all estimates and the respective backup documentation from all professional trades.  As we go through the Design Presentation, you get see room by room how each furniture and fabric, etc. tells your unique story and how everything flows so superbly and beautifully. Please be advised that for a 1 room design, this meeting can last 1 hour; for whole main floor, 2-3 hours; and for an entire home from top to bottom, can be 5-6 hours or more.  Money is simply the means to realizing your dreams of a gorgeous, sumptuous designed home. Whatever you want, money is simply the mean to achieving this beautiful goal. We value your money. At K Lilia Interior Design, for your home design project, rest assure that your money is being used effectively and efficiently to give you the home of your dreams. Towards the end of the meeting, we review the design budget, line-by-line. We breakdown the budget, and present to you each individual price for all the proposed furnishing items and estimates. Additionally, during this time, you get to see the total amount for the discounts that we are sharing with you because you have hired us and trusted us to undertake your home design project. At the conclusion of our meeting, we collect the remaining 50% of the estimated design fees plus 80% of the design budget. For some items, such as fabrics, 100% is required upfront. Also, please be advised that there are certain types of projects that do require us collecting 100% of the design budget at this meeting. Lastly, you sign the Furnishings Proposal and Letter of Agreement plus initialize where indicated by the document, which authorizes us to begin the scheduling of contractors’ work in your home and initiate the orders for the furniture.  In the case of revisions, which are expected, the requested revisions happen rather quickly. The required payments previously mentioned are still due upon the conclusion of our Design Presentation Meeting.  We then, schedule a follow-up meeting within 1-2 weeks, for us to discuss all revisions and receive your authorization to purchase the revised items.









After the Final Design Presentation Meeting has occurred, all furniture items and other furnishings such as rug, artwork, etc. for your home design project have been finalized with your approval to purchase and we have received the required purchasing down payment, we immediately place the orders for your items. We first begin by writing the purchase orders for each individual item, respectively. For example, for a sofa purchase, we write a purchase order for the frame, a purchase order for the fabric, a purchase order for the tradesperson upholstering the sofa, a  purchase order for the trim, a purchase order for the nailheads, a purchase order for the accent pillows, and if we are using different toss pillows and different fabrics for each side of the pillows, they are all required a purchase order. So, for a home design project, we literally have 100+ purchase orders to write and process.  Next, after all purchase orders have been created by sour office, we receive written confirmation from each supplier and trade. Additionally, we gather lead times from all products and trades in order to build your installation calendar.  Sometimes, and this does happen, by the time we go to create the purchase order for an approved item of your home design, the item is on backorder or discontinued. If that is the case, we will contact you immediately to make concrete decisions as to whether to reselect, or wait for the items to be back-in-stock. Please note that this might cause delays in the projected completion date of your project. We also, during this phase of the design process, direct and manage/track all orders and trade professionals such as contractors, artisans, builders to begin the construction and installation period. We coordinate their schedules and conduct site-visits in to make sure that the project runs smoothly. We do our very best through our logical and thorough tracking process to make sure every vendor and trade professional does what he or she is supposed to do. But we do live in a real world, and from time to time someone will drop the ball and make a mistake. A painter can fall and break his leg, and that can ruin the projected completion date. There are a lot of factors that can interfere with the specifics of your project running seamlessly, and human error is the main important one. Therefore, please be advised, that although we are always keeping our eyes open for the human factor and we are very much invested in making sure that everything runs according to plan and without difficulty, there can be some deficiencies. When that occurs, we are committed to resolving the deficiencies as they come about during the project management process and making sure that the various work orders are completed to your satisfaction. 





Depending on the intricate details and specific work orders involved for your project, it might be necessary for us to schedule a meeting to review the budget. If we stick very closely to the defined project scope and approved contractor’s work orders, you will remain very closely to the minimum estimated design fees and design budget. However, any changes to the project scope and any changes to work being completed by the various trade professionals will definitely add more design hours and fees. Therefore, we meet to discuss the current statuses of the orders that we are tracking, discuss any revisions or additions to renovation and construction work, and review the log of current design hours. At this phase of the process, if any overages of design hours and fees have been incurred and/or estimated to go above the minimum number of hours to complete your project, a payment for those fees must be remitted upon conclusion of this budget review meeting. 







During this phase of the design process and depending on the complexity of your home project, we are still performing regularly scheduled site checks to make sure work is completed harmoniously towards achieving the objectives of your project. We are very much invested in your ultimate satisfaction with the design process and consequently, the deliverables. That’s why, on occasions, we will ask you to join in on the performance on-site checks. If there are any performance issues, we want you to hear directly from the trade professionals firsthand the specificities surrounding those issues. Additionally, during this phase of the process, with your permission and at our discretion, we will hire cleaners to keep the project site tidy and efficiently organized. 










Tracking orders and receiving the items goes in-tandem with phase #8 of the design process. We, at K Lilia Interior Design, provide you with a turn-key design experience.  What this means to you is, at the end of the installation phase of the project, we turn the finished room(s) or entire home over to you, with every detail carefully considered and managed by us. We give you room(s) or whole house, dressed in the materials and finishes that were installed during construction/renovation, and now complete with furniture and accessories…a magazine worthy professional-designed space.  You, then, along with your loved ones, embark and immerse yourself in your brand newly designed/styled home that is ready-to-use immediately upon us revealing to you on Reveal Day.  In order to accomplish the turnkey design experience successfully, during this phase of the design process, this is where we receive all your purchased items at our warehouse. Upon the receipt of those items, our warehouse inspects for damages, labels the items accordingly, and reserve those items for storage until Reveal Day. At that time, as well, if an item is found to be damaged, we immediately file a claim with the vendor or process a reorder.  Your individual items arrive at the warehouse on varying dates. We keep a very close watch on the delivery of these items to make certain your project moves forward efficiently and on track towards the estimated completion installation date. If there’s an item that looks in danger of a significant delay that will negatively impact the completion of your home project, we will then, make considerations of replacing the item for something that is readily in stock or available. Also, at this phase of the process, we collect the required remaining balance of the design budget. Please be advised that also during this phase, we begin and may complete the installation of your bespoke window treatments and/or equipment of your custom specialized audio &video entertainment/home automation system. 




This is where all your stored furniture items and styling accessories are delivered all at once in an organized, streamlined fashion. Furniture installation can last 1 to 5 business days depending on the project size. If renovating or redesigning a whole house, several days or 1-full week is imperative for a triumphant installation. Installation process in time consuming and intensive. For one, we must unwrap everything and put it in its rightful place plus install light fixtures, hang artwork, lay rugs, etc. Additionally, we style and accessorize your home to give you a fully furnished and finished space. The accessories are strategically placed throughout your entire home to give your home that magazine-worthy look and luxurious feel. Styling is such a key significant part of the successful completion of your home project. We recommend you dedicate at least 30% of your furniture budget towards the purchase of accessories. Styling makes such a vital and huge, huge difference in getting you that exceptionally fabulous sanctuary that you will be thrilled to live in and call your home for years to come.





This phase denotes the final moment of the installation and styling days. During the furniture installation and styling phase of the design process, we request that you are off-site. The installation scene can be chaotic and overwhelming for you and your family. As we complete the final touches to installation, and a couple of hours before your arrival, we make arrangements for our photographer to capture professional images of your newly created drop-dead luxurious home. Depending on your project, the photography session will not occur on Reveal Day but be scheduled for a later time before the project closure. On Reveal Day, at a pre-arranged time, you excitedly return to the house and walk into the most majestic, gorgeous and most comfy home you have ever laid your eyes on. It is love-at-first sight. Oooohhh la la. Once your initial reaction is dwindling down, we walk you room-by-room, highlighting some of your favorite pieces and special features. As we are going through each space and each design element, we advise you on how to care for the items that have been installed. Ensuing after the description of warranty and care of your furniture and decorative items, we then, phase out any deficiencies. As we previously stated, mistakes can do happen. A table can be scratched, little chip on the nightstand, minor tear on the sofa cushion, etc. By the time of Reveal Day, we have resolved most of the deficiencies a project can experience during the construction/renovation phase of the project and tracking process of furniture items. However, on Reveal Day, we might become aware of new deficiencies not discovered previously. Usually, even so, on Reveal Day we have begun the resolution process and we communicate the next steps to you as we tour your home and make you aware of the deficiencies. At the very end of Reveal Day, we open a spectacular bottle of champagne and toast to your new beautiful, alluring home. 






A deficiency (or punch list item) is a broad term that addresses incomplete or imperfect items on your project. Every project has deficiencies. Guaranteed. For instance, it can be a finished backsplash with a tile that looks a little wonky; paint drip on baseboard, one of the knobs for the cooktop is missing, or beautifully finished bathroom floor with heating functionality but the heating does not work, etc. Eeeeewwwwww. What an icky feeling! We promise you things such as these can and will happen. You hate them. We loathe them even more. They are an abomination to our trade professionals, yep believe us, they are. But, we pledge and assure you we take care of all your deficiencies and in an effective and satisfactory manner. As much as we schedule and maintain detailed site visits, as work is being performed, and are committed to fixing the deficiencies as they occur, there can still be a chance that some deficiencies will be detected only on Reveal Day.  




If any deficiencies are remaining or encountered on by Reveal Day, we document all with a written description and/or photo.  Once we get back to our office, we then forward it to the appropriate trade professional or vendor for quick and efficient resolution. Immediately following notifications, we schedule and track the status of the corrective measures executed by the respective trade. If corrections have to go beyond 2 weeks period, we update you weekly on the progress. Once all of the items on the deficiency list is resolved, a final follow-up will occur to ensure you are over the moon an utterly satisfied with your newly finished room(s) or home.





Project Closure Meeting, Final Invoicing Presentation and Thank You. At the conclusion of your home project, we will ask you for a final meeting at a charming restaurant where we can express our gratitude for being an amazing world-class client. We present you with your own custom Client Binder where we catalog all furnishings, materials, finishes, etc. that we installed in your newly completed project. Additionally, we provide you with the documentation that supports the care and maintenance for those items.  After Reveal Day and resolving all deficiencies, there will be outstanding invoices from miscellaneous expenses such as receiving/delivery costs, shipping/freight charges above initial estimated amounts, movers, art installers, additional design fees above estimated overage, professional cleaning service, etc. During the budget development phase of the design process, we do collect a contingency budget to cover these incidentals and to cover any unknown – things that happen that will cost money that we could not foresee beforehand. If the amount of the collected contingency budget is greater than final outstanding invoices, then we will return the outstanding balances.  However, if the amount is lesser, we will collect all applicable outstanding balances. Either way, once we depart from our lunch meeting, billing is over.  Wheewwww [swipe forehead].  You are free….yay!!! We, at K Lilia Interior Design, conduct ourselves with honesty and the utmost integrity.  We are passionate about serving you with impeccable excellence by consistently striving for innovation and quantum leaping advancement. How exactly do we do this?  We learn from our mistakes and use those mistakes as our stepping stone to provide better value and benefits to all our clients. That is why at your project closure meeting, we will invite you to provide us candid feedback and reviews of your experience with our design process.  As well, we will request from you any referrals you might have in need of home design, revamp or remodeling work. The successful and profitable growth of our business is largely dependent on referrals from our past clients. At last, you entrusting us with the creation of your home, one of the most intimate and sacred treasures of your life, the place where you and your family will nourish cherished moments and memories, is of great magnitude and high honor to us.  At the conclusion of your project closure meeting, we will inquire of any additional projects that you anticipate or are getting ready to commence. Perhaps a vacation home, a cottage, or even a commercial space.  We would be more than joyous to continue working with you, and we hope to be on deck for your next project. 


Please note that our design process is generally applicable to full-service design projects only.