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"Originally from Panama, it became sacred to me to hold fast to traditions and personal gems that will be part of my past, present, and future. This design approach is reflected in the name K LILIA, which is a fusion of my first initial and the middle name of my mother, my most prized treasure."

When I was a little girl, I never thought that I would be here... with a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Interior Architecture and Design and running my own business in this illustrious industry. My background is in Business and Computer Science; but, I should have known way back then, that I have an artistic point of view, in as much as, I possess technical faculties. There were always signs. For instance, when I was ten years old, right after migrating from Panama to the United States, I built my own Barbie house, by re-purposing shoe boxes as walls and floors, and adopting hand-me-down toys as the furnishings. When I was seventeen years old, at my first corporate job, I physically rearranged my office furniture because the existing layout “just didn’t feel right.” All throughout my childhood, as a result of my high-reverence for my mom, I regularly stitched clothes, pillows, curtains and patchwork blankets. Guess you can say, I always had an affinity for design.

I revel in the range of projects and clientele that are fashion-forward, passionate and savory. The best part of what I bring to the table for my clients is diving into the nitty-gritty of each project, through inventive problem-solving and an eye for detail. The result is always a space that is deeply intimate, singular in its materialization, and unrivaled in its individual composition...with every detail working together in harmony and balance. The works featured within my Portfolio  denote the interminable flowering and maturation of my aesthetic, personal tenets, and design skills by way of my studies at the Academy of Art University.  For every project, I seek to interject my fervor for culture, research, differing materials and textures, inventiveness and huegasm [obsession of color overload]. On the other hand, if color is not your thing and a monochromatic tone is more your vibe, no worries and have confidence, that I can very much design a homogeneous interior full of allure and impact.  

I am skilled at developing interiors that can be summed up as eclectic, storied, bold and whimsical. My passion for architecture, flowers, vintage, the arts,1990s nostalgia, culture and books are all emulated in my client's spaces. The environments that were cultivated for my past clients have abounded from  unique design challenges, stretched both my personal and professional proficiencies to the max, to ultimately actualize homes that are intriguing and alive with texture, graphics, femininity or masculinity, and vogue. For my future clients,  I am super excited to continue this work aesthetic to design their very own chic, comfy and relaxing sanctuary. I design interiors that are powerfully riveting and serene, but most of all, functional. In other words...LUXURIOUS. LIVABLE. MODERN. COZY. POSH


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