Project Location: The Woodlands, TX

Project Objectives: Furnishing, styling and accessorizing of new home using a combination of  client's existing furniture along with purchase of new furniture and accessories.

Project Location: Third Ward, Houston, TX

Project Objectives: Remodel, furnishing, styling and accessorizing of new home. Replace existing tiles of fireplace; replace existing round recessed lighting to square articulating recessed light fixtures in the family/living area of home; paint of accent walls in the entry, kitchen, family/living room, master bedroom, hallways, and game room; installation of new hanging light fixtures in the dining area and game room; purchase of new furniture, custom fine artwork, and accessories. 

Project Location: Northwest Houston ,TX

Project Objectives: Renovated home after flooding from a natural disaster hit the interior of home. Installed new floors throughout all of the areas of the entire first floor of home, remodeled fireplace to be more modern and sleek, painted the walls in the living/dining/hallway/master bedroom & master bathroom, retouched the bookshelves in the living room with fresh paint of color,  remodeled master bathroom with new tile, bathtub and bath fixtures, installed window treatments in master bedroom and added new furniture and rugs to living room and master bedroom.

Project Location: Medical Center, Houston, TX

Project Objectives: Furnish, style and accessorize Master Bedroom incorporating client's existing furniture and purchase of new bedding and accessories. 

Project Objectives: Designed a handsome lively nursery for baby boy. We designed the concept for the room for this baby boy to be the king of his city; also, to be exceedingly comfortable and cozy for both him and his parents. We painted the walls, purchased furniture and accessories, and installed everything to build a complete room.

Project Location: Tomball,TX

Project Location: Midtown, Houston, TX

Project Objectives: Revamped a home's interior by rearranging client's existing furniture into a new layout, provided organization services, painted an accent wall and added styling accessories to fully complete the home and make her space more welcoming, inviting and cozy for homeowner and her guests. Finished result is marvelous and alluring home interior.

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