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One Room Challenge – Spring 2021, Week 7: Lighting, TV, & Furniture Install + Accent Wall Complete

There were so many ebbs and flows for the progress work on the guest room design of One Room Challenge. Week 7 has brought so many ebbs and flows in the project. As I stated previously, the design process is not a perfect one, filled with highs and lows; and this project, although for my own home and not a client of our firm, was no different.

Black-Bronze Gold Renee Chandelier by Hudson Valley Lighting, Yellow/Orange/Purple Custom Print Accent Wall 77002
Renee Chandelier by Hudson Valley Lighting & Custom Print Accent Wall

On this past Sunday, June 13, my electrician was scheduled to install the light fixture, the electronic dimmer switch, the hanging rattan chair, custom window treatment, and hang the television on the wall. I scheduled this appointment on week 2 of the Challenge -and stayed in contact with him, on a weekly basis, confirming this appointment. On Sunday, when I contacted him, when he did not show up at the appointed time, he answered the phone and stated that he was in San Francisco. Hmmmmmmmmmmm ok. He did not apologize. Instead, he went on to tell me that it was my fault that he did not remember the appointment because I was supposed to check-in with him on the previous Thursday, June 10 and not on Monday, June 7. Mind you, I have been doing my weekly check-ins on Monday; and each time, he was telling me, not to worry, and reassuring me that he will be there. I have used this electrician on several of my clients projects, and always, enjoyed working with him. I have never had any issues with him, not showing up or not keeping his word. And his workmanship and skillset, is remarkably genius. I had no worries, for this project. So, when he acted so unprofessional and indifferent, I was completely taken aback. As he was speaking, I remained calm, prayed a mini prayer, and kept it pushing.

That same day, I tapped into my circle, and found 2 other contractors, were highly recommended, that could complete the installation of the items within this week. The contractor that I decided to go with, came out on Monday, June 14, looked at the items to be installed, looked at the room, and stated that his team could get started on Tuesday, June 15. He came out on Tuesday, and to make a long story short, 3.5 hours into the day, there was nothing at all installed, and wires hanging out of the wall. From my previous projects, knowledge, and experience, I knew that he and his team did not know what they were doing.

I took several deep breaths. I gave them an opportunity to explain what they have been currently doing, and ask them directly and frankly, do they know what they were doing. Their answers and demeanors were not satisfactory. So, I dismissed them, thanked for their time, and kept it pushing. I quickly pivoted, and contacted the expert handyman that painted my wall last week. See last's week blog post, here. He came out and got everything installed in 5 hours. Whew, Praise God. Of course, I had to pay rush pricing...that is the nature of contacting someone at the last minute and begging them to come as soon as possible to perform a Hail Mary! Plus, the handyman had to undo some of the wiring work that the contractors had done earlier that day. Nevertheless, I am extremely happy, beyond grateful, and excited to be on target as to where I projected at the onset of the project.

Hanging Rattan Chair (Egg Chair) & Custom Wood Flat Shade Installation - One Room Challenge Week 6
Hanging Rattan Chair (Egg Chair) & Custom Wood Flat Shade Installation - ORC

I am super pumped about this electronic Legrand Adorne dimmer switch. I can just see my little niece playing with this. Let's be honest, I have been playing with this, myself. For me in design projects, is details like this that elevates the design of a space.

Graphite Legrand Adorne Wall Electronic Dimmer Switch - Graphite Finish 77019
Legrand Adorne Wall Electronic Dimmer Switch - Graphite Finish

On Wednesday, June 16, we were able to get the daybed assembled, and the rug has been officially inaugurated into the space. The Caribbean themed -Panama Inspired- guest room haven is coming together nicely. My stress level has subsided for now.

Chandelier, Medallion, Graphic Multicolored Rug, Wood Daybed, Custom Wood Flat Shade and Custom Print Accent Wall 7705
Chandelier, Medallion, Graphic Multicolored Rug, Wood Daybed, Custom Wood Flat Shade and Custom Print Accent Wall

Next week is the Final Reveal. This week, we will continue assembling the remaining furniture pieces such as the media console and three-tiered console. Mirrors and artwork to follow. Earlier this week on Monday, June 14, I was able to score some amazing accessories from Veronica Solomon - Casa Vilora Interiors, West Elm, Target to complete the styling of this room. I still have some more accessories shopping to do to really bring this room to a well-layered, and inviting space. Stay tuned here to the Final Reveal, and of course, please share your thoughts. I would love to hear from you!

Hope you are enjoying our journey to the design of this room for ORC Spring 2021. ORC is so exciting and the community support of the other designers have been valuable and synergic. Don’t forget to look to see how all the designers, especially the featured designers, are progressing along with #oneroomchallenge hashtag or click the links below to follow their respective blogs or visit the ORC official blog at

Until next time....

Un abrazo grande y muchas bendiciones (huge hug and much blessings)

--- Keesha

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