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I am the Founder & Principal Interior Designer of K Lilia Interior Design LLC. I am skilled at developing interiors that can be summed up as eclectic, storied, bold and whimsical. My passion for architecture, flowers, vintage, the arts,1990s nostalgia, culture and books are all emulated in my client's spaces. The environments that were cultivated for my past clients have abounded from  unique design challenges, stretched both my personal and professional proficiencies to the max, to ultimately actualize homes that are intriguing and alive with texture, graphics, femininity or masculinity, and vogue. For my future clients,  I am super excited to continue this work aesthetic to design their very own chic, comfy and relaxing sanctuary. I design interiors that are powerfully riveting and serene, but most of all, functional. In other words...LUXURIOUS. LIVABLE. MODERN. COZY. POSH.

Keesha Allen

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