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Whole Home Floor Plan with Dimensions an


Maximize the use of your home’s floor plan to create a beautiful and well-designed space with a keen sense of harmony and peace.

Giving you a peace of mind is our top priority! Allow us to plan/design your space that is comfortable, cozy and functional but also, one that lowers your stress and yields you better health and wellness.

Imagine this...

When you go furniture shopping, and you begin to see and touch things…let’s dream for a moment…you see the sumptuous velvet sofa; that travertine with gold trim cocktail table; gold-plated glass side tables; and alluring jacquard upholstered accent chair…and as you are dreaming, you are wondering to yourself, how is it all going to fit in your living room? Can it fit? Will it be too much?


How about you already purchased a whole-truck load of furnishings, got everything delivered, and then when it was all placed in  your home, something about the arrangement seemed to be off…you felt like the furniture pieces were too small and somethings were missing or worst, everything ended up being too big for your home and it just looked crowded and mismatched somehow…and then as the days go by, you find yourself miserable, frustrated and filled with regrets.


You are ready to redo your kitchen, you have your contractor ready to remodel or build you a new kitchen layout, but you are unsure as to how to best model your new kitchen for your unique style of living. Should you do a U-Shape or L-Shape? Where should the refrigerator go? You cook a lot, so do you do 1 wall oven or 2 wall ovens? How do you design sufficient storage space for your many appliances?

Before making decisions about furniture purchase, building or remodeling a particular space, you should first try to figure out some sort of space planning of the space to properly fit your lifestyle. 

If any of the scenarios appearing above resonates with you, then space planning design service by K Lilia Interior Design is exactly what you need!



Space planning design service by K Lilia Interior Design identifies furniture arrangements and/or curated layouts for the distinct spaces specifically for your home. There are various types of homes, from loft-style to single-story to multi-story; so, the sizes of rooms, layouts and furniture contained within those spaces can vary dramatically. For instance, a living room for a three-or four-bedroom house is typically larger in size and thus requires more furniture than one for a one-or two-bedroom house. Even more, luxury homes have more square footage and requires much more complex space planning for both space layouts and furniture arrangements to adequately make the home feel cozy, peaceful and inviting.

In any case, there are numerous planning options possible and trying to identify the right one for your home without the guidance of an interior designer professional such as K Lilia Interior Design can be cumbersome and financially disastrous, at worst. At the end of it all, without proper space planning, you can end up with a home that makes you uncomfortable to live in daily and have you hating to come home!

Don’t let this be you. Don’t be lost. Keep yourself from making costly mistakes. And make a smart investment. Invest in the purchase of a space planning design service by K Lilia Interior Design.

When you invest in a space planning design service by K Lilia Interior Design, you can rest assure that we consider the adjacency of all your rooms and consequently, their relationship to one another; sufficient floor and wall space for your furniture arrangements; separation of trafficways from your various conversational or activity centers; and the functionality and ease of access to furniture and windows.

When it comes to room layouts, such as for kitchens and bathrooms, we take into consideration your intimate details such as body type, your specific body proportions, age, individual needs, even physiological and psychological attributes to structure and develop proper ergofitting of yourself and your loved ones to your home. 

Let’s take the bathroom, for example, most people do not give any thought to the height above the floor of the vanity sink. Hours, if not days and weeks, are spent looking for the appropriate color, fixture, model or trim. The height, however, is rarely specified and is simply left to the contractors in the field; who, by the way, installs the sink at the height that it has been installed for years,  and on their countless jobs…because “that’s the way is always done.” The truth of the matter is that it is not natural for your body to assume a stooped posture while washing your hands and face. However, because most vanity heights are only about 30 inches above the floor, we have been conditioned to assume this stooped posture for years. It does not have to be so, for your home. You can live different.

Not taking into consideration and prioritizing your individual body size and type, and competent use of the varying design elements such as storage cabinets and countertops, can diminish your quality of life, significantly.

Through your investment of a space planning design service by K Lilia Interior Design, your rooms are planned, second to none, to custom fit your unique, phenomenal lifestyle. 

Our main goal is to maximize your spaces and for you to choose the right layout and furnishings for those spaces.


Give us the opportunity to create your dream spaces for you!


Home Office Lighting Plan Space Planning
Furniture Arrangements
  • Living Room

  • Dining Room

  • Bedrooms

  • Game Room

  • Home Office

  • Open Concept Floor Plan


Kitchen Space Planning Design
Room Layouts

  • Bathrooms

  • Kitchen

  • Laundry Room

  • Master Bedroom Closet


Kitchen Elevation Plan with Dimensions and Labels Space Planning Design
Custom Millwork & Custom Furniture
  • Media/Entertainment Cabinet

  • Library/Study

  • Built-in Furniture (dining sideboards, armoires, wardrobes cabinets, etc.)

  • Vanity (or lavatory counter)

  • Kitchen Storage & Cabinets

  • Kitchen Pantry

  • Fireplace


  • For furniture arrangements space planning, you receive one floor plan of your designated room or space

  • For room layouts such as kitchen and baths, you receive one floor plan. Additionally, and included along with the floor plan, you receive one elevation drawing and one section drawing. These drawings detail and highlight important individual features such as vanity height, countertop dimensions, appliances location, clearances between counters, etc.

  • For custom millwork and custom furniture planning design, you receive one plan drawing, two elevation drawings each showing a unique view and two section drawings each showing unique details

  • All plans and drawings include labels for room and major furniture pieces, fixtures and brief notes demonstrating circulation and trafficway details

  • All plans and drawings include measurements and clearances information (this address and demonstrates functionality and ease between furniture pieces and architectural details such as walls)

  • This service includes watermarked progress image(s) for your review and approval before delivery of final deliverable(s)

  • We will update you weekly, at least once per week, until final design is delivered to you. Included within the weekly update, we will be more than glad to address and respond to your questions and concerns that you may have emailed to us previously to receiving your weekly progress report

  •  One (1) revision is included with your purchase of your space planning design service. This revision must be requested within 14 calendar days of receiving your final deliverables [final floor plans and/or drawings]. Any additional revisions will be charged at a design hourly fee of $197 per hour

  • Customer service on your 3D rendering service project will be superbly and happily provided to you up to 14 calendar days after you receive your final space planning design deliverables

  • Most communications for this service are conducted virtually, via email and/or Zoom/Skype/Phone

  • The deliverables for this service are administered via your private, password-protected client page on our website. This page will include all drawings, documents, contract agreement and any other relevant archives associated with your particular design project.  This page remains active for a limited time; therefore, you should save all files to your computer during the tenure of your project or within 30-days after the closure of your project 


  • Your room’s details such as measurements to include the walls, windows, doors, electrical outlets, plumbing locations, ceiling height, etc.

  • Any details of existing or desired material selections, any appliances and lighting, etc. For example, if you have any design items such as flooring, appliances, four (4) kitchen pendants, 1’- 0” baseboards/molding, etc., that you want considered for your plan(s) and drawing(s).  Please be so kind to provide us with that information to incorporate in your new floor plan(s) and/or drawing(s)

  • If applicable, provide links and/or details for any existing furnishings and accessories, recently purchased furniture, or that you plan to purchase. At best as possible, please provide us with all design items you want considered and included in your new floor plan(s) and/or drawing(s)

  • Any photos and/or video of your space(s). If you are in the Houston metropolitan area and feel more comfortable for us to take measurements, photos and videos of your space(s) for you, we will gladly provide you with on-site measurement service for an additional fee of $357 (max 2 hours).  If we are on-site at your home beyond 2 hours, an additional fee of $197 design hourly fee per hour will be charged to you. Detailed pricing information for this service appears towards the bottom of this page…just keep scrolling


  • 3D Render Images:  If you think that you benefit from some type of digital visual of the space, along with space planing, we encourage you to also invest in our 3D rendering design service.  Click here to learn more about the 3D rendering design service provided by K Lilia Interior Design

  • Construction Documents: It should be noted that the space planning floor plans and drawings are not intended to be final models for complete layouts and furniture arrangements. In other words, the space planning deliverables are not final design solution(s).  This is to provide you with initial preliminary design assumption and mockups; highlighting important circulation and minimum clearances details for your space. Any floor plan(s) and/or drawing(s) supplied by K Lilia Interior Design cannot and must not be used for construction purposes. You must work with a local contractor and/or architect (they know local codes and are the only authorized professionals to apply for the required construction permits) to build your perfect dream space

  • Research, Design Concept and Sourcing of Furniture: We, at K Lilia Interior Design, love to design from coming up with the concept…to finding the furniture pieces…all the way to final installation of the items. Therefore, if you need any of those tasks or all of those tasks, we encourage you to invest in either our eDesign or full-service design. Investing in either of these services allows us to develop a cohesive singular voice for your home that truly tells your unique story, your way


  • For furniture floor plan arrangements, the minimum design fee for one (1) room design is $787

  • For furniture floor plan arrangements, the minimum design fee for open concept floor plan  design is $1097. The total amount of investment is determined by the scope of the entire project; in which, the total scope of your project, will be discussed, determined and finalized during our initial virtual meeting

  • For room layouts such as kitchen and baths, the minimum design fee for one (1) room design is $1887

  • For custom millwork and furniture custom furniture, the minimum design fee for one (1) design item is $2127

  • Your investment is per one (1) room only. If you find yourself in need of more than one (1) floor plan or drawing; the investment for each floor plan or drawing; the purchase of each is applied individually.

  • The total amount of investment is determined by the scope of the entire project; in which, the total scope of your project, will be discussed, determined and finalized during our initial virtual meeting.

  • The pricing information appearing above is applicable solely to residential properties. If you need space planning design services for your commercial property, it requires a custom quotation. Please click here to submit your inquiry for commercial space planning design, and we will respond to you by email or phone within 24-48 hours of the receipt of your inquiry

Bookcase Design Color Rendering Space Pl

Color Rendering

Bookcase Design Black and White Drawing

Showing Measurements

Bookcase Design Black White Rendering

Black/White Rendering 

Bookcase Design_Section Drawings With Me

Section Drawings


We need to first speak with you, have an initial meeting virtually either by phone or video, to acquire the detailed information about the specific needs and objectives for your space planning design service.

You can purchase this service online and book your initial meeting through our online booking system by clicking here. An initial payment of $787 [which is the investment of one (1) room floor plan] is required upon booking online. When you use our online booking system to purchase this service, you will also schedule your initial meeting, simultaneously.

A full payment of your investment for your space planning design service is required before any design work begins on your space planning design service project. If after our initial meeting, it is determined that the total scope of your space planning design service project will require a higher design fee than the initial payment of $787, an invoice will be submitted to you to pay the remaining balance. This invoice must be paid-in-full before we continue any further design work on your project.

This is a customized design service. Your financial investment for space planning design services is non-refundable and final sale.

Please double-check that this service is exactly what you need, and you have reviewed over all product details.

Once we receive your full payment for your project, we will gladly commence the design process on the creation of your customized space planning design.

To get your space planning design project started and book your service online today -like RIGHT NOW, please click here or click the button right below

Cancellation Policy

Design service fees, consultation fees and any initial payment design service fees (interchangeably called booking fees) are non-refundable. If you are unable to make your appointment(s), we are happy to reschedule anytime if you have notified us within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment(s).

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