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The Top 4 Reasons Why Custom Window Treatments Are So Worth It

Custom window treatments can make or break the overall look of a room. With custom draperies, you have so many options to get the right look for a room. Draperies are full-length, lines, pleated or un-pleated panels that traverse open and closed on a drapery track or rod. Draperies are functional treatments that provide privacy and light control. Yes, custom drapery is generally more expensive than ready-made curtains, but the benefits far outweigh the cost. Here is why…

Ripple Fold Drapery by The Shade Store Website
Photo Courtesy of The Shade Store

1. Design

The number one benefit of installing custom window treatments in your home is that they create a sense of style and visual interest to your rooms. Without window treatments, your room always looks naked – even if it is beautifully decorated with furniture and styling accessories. Custom draperies add the utmost softness and warmth to your space. Additionally, they complement the architectural style, line, and scale of the room. For instance, if you have high ceilings, the window treatments give the illusion of a cozy and inviting space. Other ways that window treatments add to the décor of your home includes the establishment, continuation, or reinforcement of a decorative theme of your home; can become the focal point of your room; and accentuates a magnificent view or a window with a specialized distinctive feature.

Hunter Douglass Duette Gray Blinds in Client's Master Bedroom Design featuring top-down and bottom-up functionality
Hunter Douglas Duette Blinds in Client's Master Bedroom

2. Function

The design for your window treatments should meet its functional needs in an appropriate, attractive manner. For function, the first thing that should be considered is how much direct sunlight comes in the room, especially in the afternoon. Draperies provide light control based on fabric choice. If your room does receive a lot of midday sunlight, then your fabric must be of heavier quality. Natural fabrics such as silk, linen, or cotton will not last in terms of quality and color fade against that direct sunlight. Another functional factor that should be considered is privacy. Functional drapery panels are excellent guards against individuals being able to see inside your home, especially, during the nighttime hours and your lights are on. The truth is, in this scenario, you cannot see outside, but people can surely see inside. So, investing in functional treatments is the key to protection against thieves and “Peeping Toms.” Last, but not least, a practical benefit of the functionality capabilities of installing custom draperies in your home is that they dampen the sounds coming from outside your door – dogs barking, screeching cars, neighbor’s loud music, sirens & alarms, construction work, and noisy nightclubs. Noise reduction works inside the home as well. Draperies muffle the transfer of words and sound in a room, and in between rooms, especially when various conversations are happening all at once, while you are entertaining guess in your home. Draperies create that necessary sound barrier that reduces sound from the television, doors slamming, or any other sounds your home makes, which all can otherwise be bothersome when you are trying to catch your zzzzzzzsssssss.

Three different silks, two by Kravet and one by Brunschwig & Fils, make up the living room curtains in a Manhattan duplex designed by Mario Buatta.
Photo Courtesy of Architectural Digest

3. Illusion

If the walls and windows are out of scale, or disproportionate, or are not symmetrical or simply do not flow, adding draperies to your room corrects the assorted flaws of that space. Some windows are designed by builders and architects without to any thought given to how people use the space or to the installation of window treatments. That is why investing in custom window draperies is the answer to the problem windows. Draperies not only hide architectural flaws made by builders, but they, create balance between windows of different sizes and styles. Which, in turn, balances the proportions of the room. On the other hand, if your home is composed of low windows, custom drapery is the perfect solution to add height and visual interests to the dilemma of short windows.

Photo Courtesy of The Shade Shop, Inc in Houston, TX

4. Energy Efficiency

To me, this is the most important benefit of installing custom window treatments in your space, because I hate wasting money. Here, in Houston, Texas, we have sweltering hot temperatures, especially during the summer months, so central air conditioning system in the home is CASH KING. The electrical companies know that we crank up the air condition all day, and all night. With that said, not having window treatments in your home, causes the air from the air conditioner to escape through your windows, making you feel like you need to lower the thermostat in order to really feel the cool air coming from the air conditioner. Draperies insulate the window from the outside temperatures, while also, maintaining the temperatures in the interior spaces of your home. By not having window treatments, in your home, you are literally throwing out all your hard-earned money out of the window and giving it all to the light company. Windows without coverings leaves you feeling sweaty and muggy in your home, and living in an unfinished, cluttered-looking space. Do not make that mistake. Instead, make your money work for you by investing in custom window treatments that will not only elevate the styling of your room, but also, save you lots of money in the long run by eliminating high-energy bills.

Normandy Shutters Black in Dining Room Area
Photo Courtesy of Normandy Shutters

Custom window treatments are to be considered immensely in the decoration of your home, whether you just purchased a new home or have been living there for a while. When deciding which custom window treatments are right for your home, there are numerous options to be contemplated, and many decisions need to be made to bring about a foolproof solution for your windows.

That is why you need more than a retail salesperson showing up to your home, doing basic measurements, and then emailing you an estimate. They are doing this with not thoughts or consideration to your unique needs and desires for your window coverings.

We, as professional interior designers, are all about solutions. We not only care about the look of your window treatments, but we take into account the functional needs of the room, and the feel for what you are going for in the overall design scheme of your space. There are so many selections available for window treatments, and combinations of both soft and hard types to be considered. We, here at K Lilia Interior Design, are confident that we can give you what you need, what you are looking for, and all within your budget.

If you need custom window treatments for your home, book a consultation, with us. We first begin with an in-home consultation to uncover your needs and wants; discuss time frame and budget; and introduce you to amazing options for the perfect solution to your windows, foolproof and top-notch. At the end of consultation, we will provide you with elevation sketches or renderings of each window, so you are able to visualize what your final product will look like in your space before committing to purchase.

Empowering you to smash your home design goals.

Until next time,



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