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Rustic Design: How to Achieve a Modern Rustic Look in Your Home

Have you always been drawn to the warm ambiance of a wooden cabin lit by firelight, or a rough and rugged farmhouse with quaint details?

Rustic design is warm and inviting; it embodies the natural elements and focuses on creating a cozy atmosphere. This is something that most homes can benefit from, even if it's just subtle touches.

But how do you find a balance between contemporary design and rustic atmosphere? We'll take you through everything you need to know about finding the perfect balance between modern and rustic, traditional and sleek, classic and elegance.

Rustic Interior Design

What Does Rustic Interior Design Mean?

When you think of rustic interior design images of cozy log cabins probably spring to mind. But the term 'rustic' is actually very broad and describes a range of styles, from farmhouse styles to Tuscan-inspired design.

The most basic way to understand rustic is natural, rough, aged, and casual. Using these basic tenets, you can have a diverse range of interior decor styles.

Rustic design makes use of natural textures and colors and while there's room to play around, there are a few definitive tips to bring a rustic element into your home.

Rustic Design Style Embodies the Natural

There's no doubt that a defining characteristic of rustic design style is an emphasis on nature and incorporating natural textures and styles.

Whether you're going for a farmyard-chic look or a quaint seaside cottage design, you'll need to incorporate a natural and earthy feel that focuses on simplicity.

The easiest way to do this is to incorporate natural elements such as wood and stone into your furniture, floors, ceilings, and walls. You can also bring the natural element in with textiles such as canvas and burlap.

To stick to a rustic style, these natural materials should be in their roughest forms while still maintaining elegance. Rather than using polished wood and stone, stick to reclaimed and unfinished woods and stones. This will create a rough and rugged feel that is quintessential of rustic decor.

Color Palette of Rustic Style

Bright colors are not completely out of the door when it comes to the rustic style. However, keeping in line with the natural elements, the color palette is ultimately earthy and neutral.

Greens, browns, and grays are common to create a feeling of warmth and a cozy aesthetic. Of course, there is room to be creative with color. Rustic design uses a good amount of color — just think about those deep red finishes in Tuscan homes or egg-blue cabinets popular in farmhouses.

Use an overarching neutral color palette but incorporate splashes of brighter colors. Ultimately, color is very personal and is an emotional element of home design. The colors that you use in your home affect your mood and state of mind. So, while there are some color rules when it comes to rustic design, feel free to adapt it to your own personal style and preferences.

Think about your personal preferences and how to use color in your home that is going to create an environment that you love to be in.

Tips to Achieve Modern Rustic Interior Design

Gone are the days when rustic design meant a complete avoidance of anything contemporary and sleek. Nowadays, there is a trend towards modern rustic design that favors both the warmth and ambiance of natural, rustic features, coupled with contemporary design components — and it works.

The most popular way to incorporate the two design styles is by creating a contemporary space inside a rustic framework. However, this works vice-versa, too. Incorporate some of these tips into your home decor for a modern, rustic look.

Use wood, especially reclaimed wood, but avoid using too much. To keep it modern, you want to stay away from turning your home into a log cabin with overwhelming amounts of wood. Stick to balancing wooden details with modern materials such as glass and metal.

Having exposed beams or wooden floors immediately creates a rustic feel and complements modern furnishings and elements well.

Choosing decor with natural elements will bring a rustic feel into contemporary space. For example, a wooden bowl on a glass coffee table is a perfect combination of modern meeting rustic.

Add textures to your home for a rustic aesthetic. If you have a modern living room, find woven pillows or wool rugs to bring in the natural element. Similarly, add refurbished decor items for a rugged look.

Creating a Rustic Living Room Design

A rustic design works particularly well in a living room. This room should be comfortable, encouraging downtime and creating an environment that is relaxing — a sanctuary. A contemporary living room can feel cold and sterile, even if it looks great. On the other hand, going full-blown rustic may be overkill, or simply not your style. So why not marry the two? An oversized stone fireplace is a perfect addition to any living room to bring a rustic feel that makes the room warm and inviting.

Aim for rustic design with contemporary twists and classic, elegant finishings. This way the room will still look polished yet cozy and warm.

You can achieve this with mixed-wood finishes and a neutral color palette. Tailored furnishings can include an elegant leather couch, jute rugs, and woven accessories.

Think about a playful contrast between sleek and rustic that represents your personality. Add in pops of color if you're inclined towards a more bold look, or layer neutral colors for a rich depth.

Perfecting the Modern Rustic Design in Your Home

Whether you want to go the full monty with an all-out rustic aesthetic, or simply incorporate touches of natural and rugged elements into your modern home, rustic design is all about warmth and natural textures. Start by slowly adding rustic design touches and decorative features into your living spaces and take it from there.

Are you ready to take your home interior decor to the next level with incredible rustic decor, but you're not sure how? Book a free consultation today to talk about your home design project. We'll help you achieve the perfect home to match your incredible life.

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