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One Room Challenge – Spring 2021, Week 1: - Selecting The Room

I am super stoked about the next eight weeks. Why, you might ask? Because today is Day 1 of the One Room Challenge. Ayyyyyyy, me alegre mucho... this brings me such much joy. Ok, I see that you are like, what is this challenge that she is talking about? The One Room Challenge (ORC), is a home interior design event created by design blogger Linda Weinstein of Calling It Home, where 20 featured designers and several guest designers are embarking on a renovation project of one room in their home. All participating designers have 8 weeks to complete this invigorating challenge. Each week designers share their progress via blog posts and social media channels, and we get to follow along to see the transformations unfold. Be sure to follow all of their progress on Instagram with the hashtag #oneroomchallenge or on the ORC blog page (

Better Homes and Gardens magazine is the primary media sponsor. This year, thanks to my mentor, Veronica Solomon, encouraging me and supporting me to do this, I have decided to be one of the many guest designers taking on this challenge. Thank you, thank you, so much Veronica. I look forward to bringing you all along the way on this journey to the finished line of a beautiful space.

This is my very first time doing this!!!!

For this challenge, I have decided to transform an extra bedroom in our home that has become sort of a "catch all" room for everything. It stores all of my design magazines and books I use for inspiration, my product books, some fabric samples, my clothes that don't fit in my closet, my vacuum, my ironing board, my shoes, etc. Basically, if it don't fit neatly and proper in my other areas of the home, it goes in there. It is like a lifesize version of the junk drawer in my kitchen. No bueno. I did attempt to put some kind of decor to this room, by hanging all of my drawings that my talented niece completed during her second grade art class. She is such an amazing artist. Looking at her drawings is the only peaceful thing of this room. So, this year, I decided to give this atrocious room a purpose, a mission. And the ORC is the perfect opportunity to do so; and plus, I can take you along the way on this crazy ride.

Back before COVID-19 changed the world, my family was blessed to make the trip back to our home country, Panama during the Christmas holidays. Right before we left, my family that lives in Panama were like, next year, we will do the holidays in the United States with you guys. And of course, we were like heck yeah..we were excited. But as soon as we came of the airplane and landed in Houston, the news of the Covid pandemic was already circulating; and we knew, Christmas 2020 with our family from Panama having here in the United States was not going to happen.

So, I am hoping and praying that we can make it up for this year's holiday season. I miss them so much, and I have a little cousin that I have not met yet, that I am dying to hold and kiss. With that said, long story short, I would love to turn this "catch all" room into an oasis of sort, that my family can come and stay with us, and feel as though, they are staying in a resort hotel room. We are Panamanians, so the love of color and texture is in our DNA... and this room will definitely be getting bold color and textures. I also want to add some luxurious, comfy fabrics, to make the space inviting and alluring. I would like to add hints of Panama, as well, so they can feel a connection to their home, even while staying with us here in Houston. Ultimately, I want my family and future guests of this room to be transformed to another world, once they open the door to this room, and never want to leave. There are so many ideas swirling in my head...I am excited to see how it all end up. This room, once finished, will be a true guest room. Even, when it is not being used by our familial guests, it can be that special room where I can go relax, fall back and feel giddish, rejuvenate, and ignite my creative juices for my future design projects.

To execute the design of this room, I will become my own client. The first thing, I will complete is my client questionnaire that I have devised for all new design projects of K Lilia Interior Design. The completion of the questionnaire will allow me to create a path, and a singular, cohesive voice for this space. Once that is completed, I will execute the design of this room using the firm's design process. This process involves 14 individual phases, and those phases can be generalized into 4 main categories: research, development, procurement, and installation. I enjoy conducting research the most, because I get to just go and go and go on my creative ideas for hours and hours. To really bring about something bold and unique, I will be using my Creative Connection Cards to push me beyond my limits and get me thinking outside the box. I really want to bring the "wow factor" for this room.

Once I identify the style, look and vibe for this room... and of course, budget (the questionnaire really gets this down to a "T"), I will move forward to the concept development for the design of the space. This is where I gather all of my inspirational images, and preliminary start to look at some materials and furnishings to be used in the space. Stay tuned for the weekly blog posts during this 8-weeks journey.

The design community is such a collaborative and supporting tribe. There are 20 featured designers and hundreds of guest designers who are embarking on this One Room Challenge. Be sure to follow all of their progress on Instagram with the hashtag #oneroomchallenge or on the ORC blog page (

For behind the scenes looks of our journey, be sure to check out our progress on Instagram and Facebook.

Until next time,

Un abrazo fuerte y muchas bendiciones (strong, bear hug and much blessings),

~Keesha Allen

K Lilia Interior Design

Media BH&G | ORC

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I am so excited to see you participating! So proud of you. I cannot wait to follow this journey and be transported to this amazing retreat you‘re creating with influences from your native country. Let the decorating begin!

Keesha Allen
Keesha Allen
May 09, 2021
Replying to

Yes ma’am let the decorating begin. Thank you so much for your support.


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