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Be More Stunning! How To Actually Cure A Powerful Ceiling

When you think of a coffered ceiling often the first thing that springs to mind is that traditional square grid design. While it is true that many coffered ceilings are a matching grid pattern of box beams with crown molding, you can actually get quite creative with this type of ceiling.

Here are 3 ideas for creating coffered ceilings that will make a statement in any room.

Contemporary Minimalist

The look of minimalist home decor is one consisting of a peaceful vibe and clean lines. Moving away from the grandeur of a traditional coffered ceiling, the contemporary coffered ceiling offers a minimalist approach that is still very visually pleasing. This design uses thinner flat beams rather than box beams and most often follows a very side square grid pattern. While beams may be exposed, typically they are wrapped in drywall and painted to match the ceiling.

Warm and Rustic

If you aren't set on the minimalist trend and really love the look of exposed beams then the rustic design is a great alternative. This design is very similar to the contemporary design, except it typically has more squares within the grid and beams are left exposed. Since the beams of exposed many homeowners opt to use beautiful rough sawn wood cuts or salvaged barnwood.

Bold Geometry

Going back to the traditional design using actual box beams, if that alone isn't exciting enough consider going with a geometric pattern. Geometric coffered ceilings are designed just like traditional ones and have crown molding in each coffer. The only difference is in this design you can use octagons, hexagons, triangles, or any other geometric pattern.

Coffered ceilings are a wonderful way of adding a unique interest to a room. Whether you like the drama of geometric patterns or the more subtle appeal of minimalism, you can find a coffered ceiling design that will match your interior design preferences. Special thanks to Jason Tilton of Tilton Coffered Ceilings for the detailed infographic below about coffered ceilings.

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