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Funky & Psychedelic MidCentury Modern Living Room Design - So Fresh, So Klean!

funky psychedelic midcentury modern living room

Recently, here at K Lilia, we have been challenged to create an amazingly stylish Mid-Century inspired living room for our current millennial clients. They are a fun, techy married couple who recently moved from San Francisco to Houston, and desired their new space to reflect the artsy look & retro feel of their hometown.

Our couple have fond affinity for the arts, '60s, culture, and funky items. For this project, we successfully mixed two looks - modern and retro- where clean lines, neutral colors, and various textures combine to create a comfortable ambience for themselves and their guests. A streamlined sofa in soft grey is offset by graphic and unapologetic walnut wood accent chairs with sexy curvatures. Instead of side table, we opted for a rich brown basket to eliminate clutter such as magazines and remote controls.

Lastly, to fully complete this look, we chose artwork that is both provocative and nostalgic to the 1960s. The pillows are the perfect collision of old-fashioned and modern to make for a sweet decorated space. And don't forget the goatskin rug where this couple can cozy up while binge watching their favorite show. One of our favorite things that we did with this design is layer tworugs - its funky, fun, and unique to the personality of this couple.

K Lilia Fav Fab Finds

1. This Mid-Century Modern authentic carpeting from the 60's with fun funky patterns. The colors and pattern are so modern and cool - it's just stunning.

2. Beautiful and large hand chair in style of Pedro Fiedeberg. Stained brown shade. Love the fact that it's a had, so inviting, and cool. And you will think it's not comfy, but not true, don't judge this book by its cover.

3. Diamond Faced Credenza is a statement piece for your home. You can use it in the living room as a tv stand, the dining room as a server or in your bedroom as a dresser, this piece is sure to get all the compliments.

All of these wonderful pieces featured on this mood board are from Chairish. Check them out there Mid-Century Modern furniture collection to see more

Let us know your thoughts? What do you like? What don't you like? Sound off below in the comments section.

Ciao, mi amores. Hasta luego!

- K Lilia Team

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