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What Does Your Home Say About You? Why Your Home Lacks Style, and How To Get Some

In my experience, many people don't have a good sense of where they are when it comes to style. Style is what an interior designer is all about. Designers have this uncanny capability to see space, not as it is, but as it should be. Balance, proportion, and scale are the intuitive information that gives the designer an extra-special sense of being able to envision the design.

what does your space say about you

So, exactly how is style defined? First and foremost, style is a reflection of your personal beliefs. It is the bridge from what has been in your life and what you would like to have in relation to where you are right now. Style mirrors your attitudes that, in turn, are reflected in how you live.

Working with a designer, your style evolves and becomes defined as you go through the materials & furnishings process. Communicating with your designer about what appeals to you, your designer hears and sees things about you that are not obvious to you. Your designer makes suggestions, ask in-depth questions, shows you different types of furnishings and images, and notate and analyze your responses. Then, your designer puts all of the information together and defines your style.

Your style, in turn, becomes cultivated into something tangible-for you to feel and taste. Ultimately, it becomes the place you want to come home to, because it really is you. And that makes you feel captivated by your surroundings. That is what interior design is all about.

Let's take a look at some of the most common identifiable styles and their corresponding design directions, one might take.

Personality: Self-reliant, Successful

Space Design: Sleek, professional finished & refined, elegant color scheme

modern dining room

Photo Credit: Dwell Magazine

Personality: Socially adept, gregarious

Space Design: Eclectic, colorful, comfortable, inviting interior; warm colors

eclectic living room

Photo Credit: Objekt International

Personality: Organized

Space Design: Everything in its place, lots of built-ins; every closet fully furnished; smooth surfaces; natural colors.

light organized living room

Photo Credit: Objekt International

Personality: Fashionable, Mr. and/or Ms. I-AM-A-BOSS

Space Design: Stylish, exotic interior with lots of sparkle and dramatic lighting

stylish living room

Photo Credit: Architectural Digest

Personality: Easy going, unchallenged & unbothered

Space Design: A nice place, but not fussy. Comfort is everything; color is good.

sitting area library

Photo Credit: Objekt International

When you begin working with an interior designer, you will discover new worlds along the way, and in the process, you will find yourself with a whole new lifestyle. Take a leap of faith with your home, and welcome yourself to the fascinating world of interior design.

So, what's your personality? What is your style? Leave your thoughts below.

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