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Top Three Reasons Why People Don't Hire An Interior Designer

Your lifestyle is the unique way you choose to live and express yourself on a daily basis. This expression begins with your home environment. If your home is chaotic and misdirected, then your work, play, and even relaxation activities reflect the equally discombobulated nature of your home. Your life should be lived as smoothly, cleanly, and comfortably. It begins with a home that truly makes you joyous, serene and peaceful; where you wake up in the morning and looking around the room is the most invigorating experience, EVERYDAY.

Having an interior designer is the key to accomplishing this. So why haven’t you decided to work with an interior designer? Let’s look at the top 3 reasons.

living room


Do you have a hard time making up your mind? Are there simply too many choices out there for you to pick “just one”? Or do you make up your mind quickly only to start analyzing about your choice later on? If you are indecisive, you should be working with an interior designer. The designer helps you focus on what needs to be decided, provides expertise advice and guidance in making decisions, and most of all, makes you aware of potential problems and additional costs.



Does the thought of how much will it cost you prevents you from calling a designer? Do you equate having a designer with that of making a major investment? Consider these two things. First, you will never know what something is going to cost until you ask. Lastly, life is filled with challenges: when you are confronted with having to stretch a bit to get something that is lasting, in our experience, that is precisely when you should do it.


What are you really afraid of? Is it fear of the unknown? Fear of not getting what you want? Not getting it right? Not being happy with the finished job? Will you get along with the designer? All of these concerns are rational, and everyone can expect to have one or more of them at some point in the progress of the design project. Meeting and talking to a professional interior designer get these concerns out in the open so they can be looked at and discussed frankly. Fear is the greatest inhibitor to getting anything done in life. The only way to break free of this bondage is to start saying yes…set a date. Friday, I am calling that designer to make an appointment for initial consultation. Tuesday, I am signing the contract and making a payment. Write it down. Do it.

interior design, living room

When interiors are well designed, the success is rarely the result of chance. An amazingly attractive and functional interior is the result of a skilled, talented, and well-trained professional interior designer.

Ciao, mi amor

- K Lilia

*Literature from How To Work with an Interior Designer by Judy Sheridan, ASID, CID

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