Undeniably, you have heard about bachelor pads, but what about the single ladies out there? The best part about not having anyone put a ring on it and living SOLO is that you get to make all of the decorating decisions without the chatter of someone else’s taste. So, when our single lady client wanted her master bedroom to be an object of possession, K Lilia Interior Design excitedly obliged and delivered a space that balanced whimsical style and sophistication.

The Master Bedroom

The master bedroom should be your own personal oasis, comfortable and most of all relaxing – a space where you can kick-off your shoes and melt the stress of the day away. In designing this room, all of the colors, shapes and textures were inspired by this amazingly beautiful embroidered canvas handcrafted in India.

The same curvy lines appearing in the portrait is evident in the bedding, curtains, and design accessories. We splashed royal purple, succulent gold, and the tantalizing teal on the walls and the pillows. All of these elements work together for an eclectic yet perfectly harmonious space.

Make your room comfy and plush.

Pile on the pillows!!! – Don’t worry, you can throw them all on the floor when its bedtime. Keep a neutral palette for your bedding, so you can exchange the pillows and easily change the look for your bed, if you choose to, to match the seasons or your mood. Send your inhibitions packing, and mix those prints. It’s ok, as long as you keep an underlying color such as white. Put a settee or bench at the end of the bed to bring warmth and enjoyment to your space. Don’t forget the throw, is a necessity for those cozy shows binge-watching nights.

Design Tip:

Use wallpaper or paint that is vivid in color still subtle in style so when the time arrives to update your room in the future, you can do so effortlessly and smoothly without the headaches of a complete overhaul.

Your room should also stir up your mind upon the rise of the morning sun. Do something unconventional like hanging your favorite painting upside down. Energize your space with power, wisdom, and success by incorporating symbolic design accessories. For our client, we prescribed an elephant with a globe bodice. This, along with the painting, reminds her that “you just can’t keep a good sistah down” as she conquers the world.

Be brave, bold and unapologetic in designing your master bedroom into that divine retreat. This is a room that your guests typically don’t see, so be free to be expressive and make it 100% yours.

If you are at a total loss as to what to do, just contact us to get your project started!

Till we meet again,

The K Lilia Interior Design Team

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