Building, designing and decorating your home can be intimidating, hard work…and simply an exhaustively long process without professional guidance and the proper help. Don't go at it by yourself. You need a partner...someone that has your back and is your advocate during the entire process. K Lilia Interior Design is your partner, truthful guide and backbone support.
Hire us and let's do this together. We take the burden and guesswork out of transforming your house into a unique posh, cozy and relaxing home that is truly your very own personal luxurious hideaway!
You are not alone.  You have Us.

Is it your heart’s desire, life goal or bucket list wish to take your house from its current state and turn it into a relaxing, peaceful, timeless, cozy, warm, cohesive, functional and iconic home?  Oooohhh you want this so bad, but you find yourself truly overwhelmed with just how to do this, where to exactly get started, plus the endless choices and many decisions you have to make.  What color should I paint the living room? Should we do a sectional or two sofas? Linen or cotton? What size table do I need for my dining room? Drapes or shutters? Can this bedroom fit a king bed and two nightstands? On and on and on… the list gets longer and wider…and after you have thought about these things for quite some time, you end up with a massive migraine. 

If this sounds like you…guess what, love?  You have arrived at the right place. Because…

K Lilia Interior Design helps you create the home that you deserve, your family deserves and craves and most of all, the home where you and them can experience true joy, harmony and bliss. All Day and All Night. Everyday.  

How exactly do we do this? Well, we get to know you intimately and from there, we design for you the home that is adapted to your likes, values, needs, interests and your innermost deepest passions. Ultimately, your newly enhanced home has one singular voice; your voice... one that encompasses and tells your own unique story.

We do it all! From liberating simplicity and subtle decorative elements to bold, provocative, whimsy and highly-textured decor.


We serve EVERYONE. From bachelors & bachelorettes, moguls, entertainers, newlyweds, real estate brokers, nesting couples, executives, CEOs, single parents, pups’ daddies and mommies, entrepreneurs, hardworking families with their energetic little ones, bustling professionals, doctors, etc. 

Everyone's dream home is different. Let's design yours together!

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K Lilia Interior Design


Decorating a house can produce satisfactory results. Creating a home is a whole different ball game!

K Lilia Interior Design creates homes. Not only that. We create incredible, livable luxurious homes.

Each home that we help create is handcrafted and customized to your unique tastes and needs; you can rest assure that you receive from us our utmost dedication, involvement and exclusivity for your home design project.

We curate your home to breakthrough to the ultimate level of both your personal and family enjoyment.

Because for us first comes YOU. Second, comes YOU. Lastly and most importantly, comes YOU.




Every project begins with an initial in-home consultation. Preceding and in addition to your initial in-home consult, we ask you to fill-out a preliminary questionnaire. During the initial in-home consult, we thoroughly determine your specific needs, personal preferences, objectives and requirements for the space plan/design of your home. We also define your design style by reviewing any inspirational images, you might have. Thereafter, based your personal data we gather from the questionnaire and the initial in-home consult, our firm gets straight to work and analyze all the information in order to develop your individualized concept for your home.


We don’t just design interiors. We create alluring homes. We conceptualize the entire home, one room, or a series of rooms -depending on what you decide to do at the moment of the initial in-home consult.  We conceptualize the space to optimize the maximum space(s) available, looking for the seamless balance between aesthetics, functionality, structure and budget. Along with the concept, we present inspirational references, floors plans, elevations, 3D drawings (optional), furniture plans, etc.


Behind every great project of ours, you can count on our superior workmanship. Our professional expertise and thoroughness reduces the chances for unforeseen events. We design everything. We do not leave anything to chance. From paint color, lighting, custom furniture, accessorizing, artwork procurement and installation, construction details for custom cabinetry, materials, finishes, warehousing storage of furniture before installation, installation, etc. We take everything into consideration. We do as much as we can upfront, which helps us to do very little after.


It is said that 2 out of 3 good projects convert themselves into mediocre projects as a result of poor execution. That is not what K Lilia Interior Design is all about! Our creative direction will save you time and money thanks to our 14-phase design process, efficiency and professional expertise.  The key for us is project management, advising and working closely with trade professionals, supervision of the execution of the contractor’s work for the realization of your home project, resolving deficiencies and unforeseen circumstances, installation, final styling and accessorizing, etc.  We are committed to turning your bland walls and rooms into masterpieces.

K Lilia Interior Design

K Lilia Interior Design is a boutique full-service design firm based in Spring, TX. We have a passion for both architectural design and interiors to deliver handcrafted dreamy home designs for clients in Spring, Conroe, Tomball, Magnolia, The Woodlands, Houston and all other surrounding areas. We travel all over the United States and Worldwide. 


Our entire business is exclusively centered on our clients and giving them homes that truly encompasses their unique needs and desires. We handle all aspects of the design process for you; from concept to purchasing and to full complete installation.


We love our clients! As your trusted partner, we excitedly commit ourselves to learn you intimately and achieve a dynamic collaboration with you on the build and design of your home.

We are hardworking, diligent and ethical in our workmanship. Moreover, we pay meticulous attention to the details involved in designing your home from top to bottom. K Lilia Interior Design strives wholeheartedly to design your home, in which, we  fulfill all of your needs and ultimately, create a feeling of authentic peace within your home; a home in which you will feel a profound connection to not only your loved ones, but also to the materials and furnishings.



All you need to get started is 15 minutes. It could be the most important 15 minutes of your life that transforms your bland walls into your gorgeous home, and possibly revolutionize your way of living. Are you ready?

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