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Building, designing, and decorating your home can be intimidating, hard work…and simply an exhaustively long process without professional guidance and the proper help. Don't go at it by yourself. It would be best if you had a partner...someone that has your back and is your advocate during the entire process. K Lilia Interior Design is your partner, truthful guide, and backbone support.
Hire us, and let's do this together. We take the burden and guesswork out of transforming your house into a unique posh, cozy, and relaxing home that is truly your very own personal luxurious hideaway!

You are not alone.  You have Us.
tropical guest room media center and hanging rattan chair

We have a slew of services to meet your needs

K Lilia Interior Design helps you create the space you deserve and your family craves.  The home where all of you can experience genuine joy, harmony, and bliss.

All Day and All Night. Everyday.    

How exactly do we do this? Well, we get to know you intimately, and from there, we design for you the home that is adapted to your likes, values, needs, interests, and innermost deepest passions. Ultimately, your newly enhanced home has one singular voice, your voice... one that encompasses and tells your own unique story.

We do it all! From liberating simplicity and subtle decorative elements; to bold, provocative, whimsy, and highly-textured decor.

Everyone's dream home is different. So let's design yours together!

Our physical environment has an emotional impact on everyone, every day. Space is our medium to bring joy into people’s lives, and make the world a better place. We create blissful spaces for our clients to work and live in, by reflecting THEIR unique personalities in the design project.



1. Diagnosis & Analysis

Every project begins with an initial on-site consultation. We uncover your needs, personal preferences, and objectives for the design of your space. We define your style. Afterward, our firm analyzes all the data to develop your design game plan.


3. The Project

Behind every great project of ours, you can count on our superior artistry. We cover everything: paint color, lighting, custom furniture, accessorizing, artwork procurement and installation, construction details for custom cabinetry, materials, finishes, warehousing storage of furniture before installation, and much more. We are committed to turning your bland walls into masterpieces.

modern living room design

2. Design Concept

We create beautiful, multi-layered interiors. For the entire home, one room or a series of rooms.   Primarily, we conceptualize the space for maximum potential by looking for the seamless balance between aesthetics, functionality, structure, and budget.

interior design services process

4. Project Management

It is said that 2 out of 3 good projects convert themselves into mediocre projects due to poor execution. That is not what K Lilia Interior Design is all about! Our creative direction will save you time and money, thanks to our 14-phase design process. We do as much as we can upfront, which helps us to do very little after.


Bianca W.

She was a lifesaving designer. I had so many ideas in my head and nothing came together. She listened and not only saw my vision, but executed it beyond our expectations. I never want to leave our bedroom and now my husband is excited for her to start on the next room in our house.

Oluwatosin F.

When I moved into my apartment, I wanted an interior that would incorporate my old furniture but yet adapt to the new environment. She nailed it and more. Not only did she deliver with all my specifics, she also provided additional insight to expand my perspective.

Devadean Q.

She helped us pick colors that brighten up our whole home and made a great base to picking out our new furniture. She also managed to accommodate our budget concerns and found so many fabulous pieces for our home. She listened to my style preferences and nailed it with each of her recommendations.

All you need to get started is 15 minutes. It could be the most important 15 minutes of your life that transforms your bland walls into your gorgeous home, and possibly revolutionize your way of living. Are you ready?

Click the button right below to begin designing your dream home


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